Train less burn more caloriesSome days hitting the gym is not an option. Rather than getting flustered at the fact that you cannot get a good calorie torching session in, try some of the strategies below. While you won’t be burning hundreds of calories, performing these tips are better than doing nothing.

No Gym? No Problem!

Take breaks– If you are an office worker who likes to power through until lunch hour, stop and take a quick break. Walk to the water cooler, get your copies off of the printer or simply stand to stretch. These short breaks will elevate your heart rate more than it had been while you were sitting idly and checking emails.

Eat negative calorie food– YES-you heard me right the first time! There a few food options that are naturally low in calories AND your body actually burns MORE calories by trying to digest them. Talk about a win-win. While this is a great snack option, you unfortunately cannot survive on negative calorie foods alone, but when those mid afternoon cravings creep in, give one the options below a try.

  • Asparagus
  • Grapefruit
  • Broccoli
  • Celery

More negative calorie food options can be found here

Drink Green Tea– Green tea has several health benefits and it is a natural way to boost your metabolism. When your metabolism is in an elevated state, you naturally burn more calories while resting. You can choose to brew your own green tea or purchased pre made servings.

Drink Celsius– Celsius is a negative calorie drink that contains green tea extract and is clinically proven to boost metabolism, reduce body fat and burn 100 extra calories per serving! There are 5 great tasting flavors available that will help you burn extra calories without having to do all that extra work in the gym. Learn more about the benefits of Celsius here

Skip the elevator– The time you spend waiting for the elevator to make it to pick you up is precious time being wasted. Skip the elevator and burn extra calories by taking the stairs to your floor. If you work on the top floor of a tall building, take the stairs half way up and catch the elevator mid-way.

Last row parking– Are you sick and tired of always waiting for a front row parking spot? Well, GOOD! This is your perfect opportunity to burn a few extra calories. Parking a few rows back will save you time and aggravation while you slim your waist line. Adding in a few extra steps, each day will add up to a good amount of calorie burn over time.

Fun options:

These two were a bit on the bizarre side, but they do have some science to back up the claims. They are too good not to share!

Cold shower– We aren't talking a bit chilly…no. The science looked at people shivering from extreme cold and their bodies’ response by burning calories. Our body is always trying to maintain internal homeostasis of about 98.6 degrees. When the body temperature is too low, you will begin to shiver in order to bring the internal temperature back up. By doing so, your body is burning more calories. Shivering my way skinny is NOT the way I would like to start my morning, but for some, it is a way. Learn more about this study here.

Watching scary movies– Can you believe it? A study looked at scary movies that had the “scare and jump” type of scenes where the viewer will get startled enough to increase their heart rate. The calories burned are nothing staggering, but it is funny to think that studies have been done on the calorie burning effects of scary movies. Learn more about this here.

Are you going to try incorporating any of these calorie burning strategies into your routine? Let us know in the comments section below! If you have any techniques that help you burn calories without the typical work out, please share them with us!


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