Dita Fraser is a wife, mother, Fitness America Figure competitor and now a Celsius, Inc. Account Manager. On top of her busy schedule, Dita makes it a priority to take care of her own health and fitness. The first time the Celsius team was introduced to Dita she was in full competition preparation mode. Meaning she had a cooler full of her meals with her at all times in order to stay on track and present the best physique she possibly could at her upcoming figure competition. It takes hard work and dedication to find this type of balance, especially as a mother and wife with a full time job.

“I was always an athlete in high school and college, but I had a hard time staying fit afterwards. After my daughter was born I had a BIG reason to get back in the gym, but my lack of energy was always an issue. Some of the other brands on the market were a bit intimidating to a new gym-goer like me. I was trying to find the perfectly balanced product that would give me the energy I needed without feeling like I wanted to crawl out of my own skin.

I first found Celsius at my Powerhouse Gym. I’m always up for trying new fitness products and supplements. The ‘energy’ factor was what originally drew me in for a boost in my workout. It wasn’t until after a couple purchases of Celsius and some in-depth research that I learned about the great benefits of Celsius.

Celsius has been the perfect drink for me, whether it’s before a workout or the middle of a workday. Celsius keeps me on the right track and I know exactly what I’m putting in my body. I think what makes Celsius unique is its ingredients. There are all sorts of energy drinks and thermogenic supplements on the market today but have you ever taken the time to read what they actually consist of? It can be scary! Celsius is packed with vitamins and other natural ingredients that have thermogenic properties on their own. It is rare to find a great tasting, healthy product that is clinically proven to burn calories and reduce body fat! Drinking Celsius is something you can really feel good about!

Through training for figure competitions, I have learned that nutrition is the most important part of getting the results you want. You can’t out train poor eating habits and it’s important to know everything you put inside your body. In my experience, exercise was the easy part but changing my diet took a lot of dedication. Now it’s no longer a ‘diet’, it’s a lifestyle.”

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