Mary in 1st Denver snowAfter spending a day exploring Denver and relaxing after cycling our long distance bike ride from Florida, we have some great pictures to share of this beautiful city. (See many more pictures from our bike ride on Pinterest.) We arrived just in time! After the final day of our bike ride on Wednesday, by evening, it was raining and cold. For us, perfect weather to relax, rest up, and think about the next phase of our adventure – Denver. Getting out to see the city today, we were welcomed by a beautiful blanket of snow.

Mark stands in Denver snowThe Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus really was the experience of a lifetime. Remarkably, after 2400 miles, the only damage to our bikes is a missing screw on Mary’s rack. A few people may have thought we had a screw loose when we left Tampa seven weeks ago but, now, we can assure you that the bike had the only loose screw. Everyone we meet here seems amazed that we left Florida behind to come here by bike. We have found an efficiency apartment and signed a short-term lease. We will be looking for jobs and we are eager to experience the winter getting to know new people and a new city.

We are so proud of what we accomplished and excited to be in Denver for the winter. We are also very proud of what we have accomplished for the Hydrocephalus Association. We will continue working to raise money and awareness for this great cause even though the Spirit of America bike ride has ended for a few months. But stay tuned. Our efforts for raising funds and awareness for hydrocephalus has not. We shall see what spring brings!

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