Mile 890  Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus Day 17 Recap

The Louisiana Bayou is beautiful. The sounds of nature with the backdrop of Spanish moss and dark waters give it an eerie and haunting beauty unique to any other swamp areas I have seen. But cycling road conditions are a different story.


Today was a rough ride as the roads are in pretty bad condition. Our hands were numb by the end of the day from the constant bumping and jolting along the way. I tweeted that the bridges over the waterways stank. They are not cycling friendly and dangerous. There is no shoulder to safely ride. The road conditions were very rough on the palms. Celsius once again to the rescue! Mary is now asking for it before I even suggest it. She likes the energy boost.

Our goal for the day was Morgan City but we decided to press on and spend the night in Franklin, LA. We found a great little restaurant that served the best Chicken and Sausage Gumbo at the Frontier Restaurant.  We found a Comfort Inn & Suites and Carolyn Francis, the manager, gave us a great discount. Thanks again Carolyn. We should make Lafayette tomorrow and will have to decide which route we are going to take as we head toward Texas. If anyone following us has ridden through Texas, we welcome any advice on cycling road conditions. Just add your comments. We are reading all of them when we have decent connection. Access to decent Internet speed has been a problem.

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