Mile 2089: Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus – Day 44 Recap

Old fashion cycling energy

As we have biked through Texas and are now in the western tip of Oklahoma. We to see these amazing wind farms along our route the last couple of days. We are certain they have put these neat, modern windmills in the right place, as the wind we have fought against has been downright gusty at times. We even had to be rescued by a Good Samaritan at one point we were blown around so badly. The energy production all around us doesn’t help us get up the next hill. We only have the energy we make ourselves so we are very grateful to have cycling energy from Celsius with us out here.


Mark and Mary Bike Ride amid cycling energyThe wind farms are beautiful, serene and actually somewhat mesmerizing as we ride past. Then, out of the blue, we come across an old style windmill in the middle of nowhere pulling water out of a well. It is fascinating to see the wheels of commerce roll down these long stretches of highway and tracks, and then to see tried and true oil production coupled with the innovative new energy technologies being generated out here on the plains. Right in the middle of the technology that makes our modern world function, we come across this old windmill. I love that it is still here and still spinning to serve as a reminder of where the innovation and greatness of our nation began – with one determined pioneer, farmer, or adventurer at a time out here in the vast country that still seems to hold so much promise and potential for our future. The Spirit of America is alive and well in every place we have traveled on this cycling tour.Stoppping for a rest for a little Celsius cycling energy

It would be ironic to be cycling past all this energy being produced from the ground and from the sky without Celsius. The very wind that is creating energy from these windmills is absolutely zapping our cycling energy some days. We are more thankful every day we brought along our own Celsius energy, which has been proven effective by science – and by us!

Celsius cycling on the go energyI have mentioned several times how convenient the on-the-go sticks were to pack but, if you have seen pictures of our gear packed on these bikes, think about what you see – that is everything we have had to live with and live on since we left Tampa on September 5. We did some creative packing and I even posted a You Tube video right before we left showing the challenge of packing for this trip. We had to leave behind many things we decided we would just have to do without. But the cycling energy we get from Celsius is one thing we could not have done this trip without. Thanks to the tiny little sticks and the powders, we didn’t have to.

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