Mile 1578 Spirit of America Day 32-33 Recap

Had we known we were going to camping western cowboy style, we would have at least brought along a can of beans to throw on the fire. Saturday morning we bid a fond adieu to our new WarnShower friends that so graciously hosted us for our two-night stay in San Antonio. Our biking tour took off heading north amid 80 degree weather. 80 degrees is pretty nice when you are sitting on a porch drink ice tea or cold suds. It becomes a different story when you are pushing uphill for more than 50 miles against a headwind. As the day wore on, Mary and I were just pushing it to get to our next stop.


That is where the trouble began. As we headed into Blanco, we discovered our stay that a friend had arranged for the night was never properly verified. Even worse, there was no room at the inn. This time, no star lit skies…not even a stable. So we did what any resourceful person we do…we stealth camped. No bathroom or shower, no food with temperatures dropping to the 40’s but we had a fire and just kept remembering how a mere month ago it was too miserably hot to sleep comfortably in a tent. At least we did not have to worry about mosquitoes this time.

We woke to temperatures in the high 40’s, high winds and gray clouds that promised a torrent of rain at any moment. We dressed quickly. Slipping into cold gear in 40 degree temperatures is not my idea of fun. We pushed on to add another 50 miles to the odometer even though riding was exceptionally brutal. Knowing there was a hot shower and warm bed waiting for us in Llano helped push us on. As we dragged our weary bodies into the lobby of the Best Western, Ceto Desai was warm, welcoming and gave us a greatly discounted rate on a room that felt more like a slice of heaven than anything else. A hot shower never felt as good!


As flat land Floridians, the hills have been difficult. While in San Antonio, we decided to change our route from going into Denver from the south and follow a more northerly route and bike into Denver from the east. We know Denver is about a mile higher in altitude from our sea level Florida. No matter how we dice it, we are going to ride uphill but we like the idea of the lower gradient rather than riding in through the mountains from the south. Maybe next year!

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