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Many people do not handle change very well.. .ok, most of us. But to make lasting changes for better health and fitness, you have to embrace those changes and stay strong to see results. I know you have been doing great with your Move it to Lose It commitment to yourself!

But have you been steadily working on your health and fitness goals, only to find that your best friend is constantly commenting on what you eat? Have you gotten into small arguments with your partner for spending more time at the gym? This is all normal! Trust me.

Rather than pushing away the individuals who do not agree with your healthier lifestyle or share your commitment to fitness, realize that they may just not realize how much effort and will power it has taken you to get to this point. Remain calm and do not become defensive. When people have rude or judgmental comments to make about my lifestyle, I remind myself they probably didn't mean that comment the way it sounded. Even if they did, I've learned to simply laugh it off and move forward. Life is way too short to worry about what others think! 

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Healthier Dessert Recipe

To ease some of the tension, invite your friends and family members to take part in your daily fitness activities. Go for a walk together and talk about your day. Instead of going out to eat, make your meals together at home. When others have a part to play in your goals, they may be more supportive. They may even set healthy new goals for themselves. If you can, make your loved ones a part of this lifestyle rather than pushing them out. For your part, be sure that you are not always complaining about sacrifices that may come with making healthy choices. It is very hard to be supportive of someone who is always complaining about what they are doing. Instead,  have a happy and positive outlook on your meals and exercise. You never know, YOU may be the inspiration that someone has been waiting for! Bring the people around you up rather than being brought down by their reluctance.

This week, Personal Trainer, James Cipriani, is sharing a total body circuit workout video that will really get your heart rate up to burn some calories! I am also excited to share my all time favorite sweet treat recipe with you this week. Try my low sugar fro-yo recipe and share your healthier recipe ideas with our Live Healthy Community too! Keep up the great work and Move It to Lose It!

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