enlisted her husband to try Celsius prior to his jogging and weight lifting sessions and guess what?  He felt the energy to get through his routine and some extra to carry him through when he was done.  Be sure to visit the site where they are giving away Celsius to readers.

"I was more than excited to try it but because of the medications I take I was unable to participate. Luckily I have a very sweet husband who was very willing to help me out with this review. We were given a sample case of Celsius as well as the drink mixes that you add to a bottle of water. Celsius is supposed to give you energy and help boost your metabolism. Which after asking my husband to give me details does seem to really work. We were told to get the full effect to have him drink one of the Celsius drinks 15 minutes before working out.

He drank one of these each time before going for a jog then lifting weights. He told me that he really felt like he had this burst of energy and even after working out he still felt energized!! There are several drinks out there on the market that claim to give you energy and boost your metabolism. But how many of them can honestly say that they have conducted 6 clinical studies on their product? Celsius can make this claim because they have conducted 6 clinical studies on their product. Not only have they conducted these clinical studies but they have clients who are living proof that their product works! "


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