CELSIUS Olympian Athlete:

Shaun White

Shaun White is regarded as one of the greatest action sports athletes of all time, and CELSIUS is excited to partner with him as he joins Team USA to compete in the Men’s Halfpipe in Beijing. CELSIUS gives Shaun the extra boost he needs in his daily training.

A three-time gold medalist and one of the most decorated athletes in X Games history, White established himself as a dual-sport athlete (skate & snow) as a teenager before focusing primarily on snowboarding for the better part of his ongoing career that spans more than two decades. The action sports pioneer has been recognized for his entrepreneurial endeavors including corporate partnerships, signature products, and fashion lines, and a global sports and music festival.

White’s anticipation for what’s to come with CELSIUS this year is unmatched; and with his authentic consumption of CELSIUS and personal favorite flavors, Sparkling Watermelon and Sparkling Orange, you know the medalist will bring his A-Game to any competition.

White is a reflective embodiment of the CELSIUS brand, which itself remains on a driven and steadfast mission to provide Essential Energy to the world.

"Partnering with Celsius is awesome because they have a great product that helps give that extra boost in my daily training, I don't have to worry about the extra sugars or additives you find in so many energy drinks. I'm pumped to be a part of the team as I head into my 5th Olympics."

-Shaun White

Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist