Recently, Team Celsius met Maizee Demske. Maizee is a certified personal trainer, national level National Physique Committee (NPC) bikini competitor, and full time student. And she's only 18 years old! There is a great deal to be admired about a person who is young, has big goals and is able to pursue them while maintaining a well rounded and balanced life. Not only is Maizee dedicated to her own health and fitness, she is also very active on social media. Using Instagram as @mdemske, Maizee posts daily photos showing her workouts, goals, meals and daily routine. Maizee hopes to inspire her followers to live a more active and healthy life. Below you will find a brief athlete profile on Maizee.

Maizee Demske NPC All South

“As a child, I was very blessed to have two parents who were actively involved in the world of fitness.  My parents are certified personal trainers and own their own business.  My mom, a national level NPC figure competitor was my ultimate inspiration for getting up on stage to compete in my very first NPC competition. 

With drive and determination running through my blood, I made the switch from a teenager’s unhealthy habits–to that of a bikini competitor.  At the mere age of 17, I competed in my first show, in the Figure division.  I fell in love with the lifestyle and wanted to push myself even further. I then competed in my first bikini show in February 2012 and placed 3rd. I never go into a show expecting a win, recognition or placing; I go in with no expectations.  The most important thing is that I, myself, am happy and proud of the package I present on stage. 

When I’m not prepping meals, training or competing, I am a full-time college student.  It can be quite hectic and overwhelming having a full college load and a part-time job, but my dreams and aspirations in the fitness world make it all worthwhile.  Fitness and exercise is my passion and I thank my parents for introducing me into the industry. I just recently obtained my ISSA Personal Training Certification so I can help people do what I love to do.   I hope to inspire and motivate people to succeed and know that they can make a change if they really want it.   

I wish I had discovered Celsius sooner than I had because it would have been an AWESOME tool for me with my weight loss journey.  I discovered Celsius when I already had been leading a healthy competitor lifestyle which includes a clean diet and intense training regime. Celsius has been a great treat for when hunger sets in or for turning around my tiredness and fatigue. Leading a busy lifestyle that includes being a personal trainer, full time college student, working at the Vitamin Shoppe and all the factors that go along with being a bikini competitor, has me pretty burnt out on most days.  A few swigs of Celsius usually cure that for me!

I believe that results come from hard work and dedication.  No one can do it for you.  Diet and exercise is key. Supplementation can be a great aid in this process. Celsius has been my go-to product for success along with my clean competition diet and training program.”

Celsius, Inc. is proud to welcome such a hard working and dedicated young woman to the team. In 2012, Maizee took home top honors and qualified for nationals at the NPC All South. Be on the lookout for her at the 2013 NPC Jr. USAs on May 18th in Charleston, SC. Maizee will be going up against top level national competitors in the hunt for her Pro Card to obtain professional status in the International Federation of Bodybuilding. Watch for news and updates from Maizee here in our Live Healthy Community and be sure to follow @mdemske on Instagram.


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