Celsius just launched a sampling program to more than 200 health clubs promoting its Outrageous Orange On-the-Go powder stick packets and NEW! Outrageous Orange 30-serving powder canister.  Over 250000 Celsius Outrageous Orange On-the Go stick packets will be distributed in 2ecee42d-ac29-4f3c-bfd4-519984a6d866 facilities and gyms across six markets; South Florida Tampa Dallas Los Angeles San Diego and Phoenix. The sampling program aims to stimulate brand loyalty amongst gym goers drive awareness and the opportunity for hundreds of thousands of gym members to experience the Celsius Ultimate Workout!

Celsius Outrageous Orange On-the-Go stick packets are designed to give health conscious individuals an extra boost during their 2ecee42d-ac29-4f3c-bfd4-519984a6d866 regime.  Each stick fits easily into a gym bag or purse and is perfect anyone traveling.  

Along with the On-the-Go stick packets the Celsius sampling program also introduces its special offer of the Outrageous Orange 30-serving powder canister. One scoop or one stick packet contains a complete single serving of MetaPlus® and the same great calorie burning benefits as found in a single can of Celsius.

Just mix one stick or scoop of Outrageous Orange with water drink within fifteen minutes before any activity and then enjoy the benefits of Celsius: burns 100 extra calories reduces body fat improves endurance and provides healthy energy.

Promotional materials along with free coupons will be distributed that direct gym users to the Celsius special offer website page So check with your local gym for participation and receive your FREE sample of Outrageous Orange On-the-Go sticks. While you are there grab a couple of coupons for great savings at your favorite retailer that stocks Celsius!

South Florida FL    Tampa FL
Dallas TX               Los Angeles CA
San Diego CA        Phoenix AZ   

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†CELSIUS alone does not produce weight loss in the absence of a healthy diet and moderate exercise. So, whether you walk the dog or work out at the gym, make CELSIUS part of your daily regimen.
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