911 Crossfit Raid3-2-1-GO! This weekend Celsius was sampled at the Crossfit RAID Games 2. This event was  hosted by 911 CrossFit from Cooper City.  CrossFit is one of the fastest growing trends in the fitness industry which involves an intense strength and  conditioning program. CrossFit combines demanding movements and exercises such as jumping rope climbing rowing and weight lifting. The ‘Workouts of the Day’ (WOD’s) which are different every day utilize items such as pull-up bars kettle bells and medicine balls.

For the RAID Games 2 participants from numerous Florida CrossFit gyms or “boxes” as they are called came out to represent their box and push themselves to the limit.  The participants could choose to compete in the RX’d (prescribed workout) scaled (modified workout) masters (age 40+) or kids (ages 9-11) division. Cash prizes were awarded to the masters and RX over all winners for men and women.

Many of the CrossFit competitors follow the Paleolithic diet or cave man diet which excludes all foods that contain artificial preservatives. The fact that Celsius is sugar and preservative free is perfect for the CrossFit community. This makes Celsius an excellent choice for those individuals who are doing a modified version of the Paleo diet and want an added boost of energy during their WOD.

The Team Celsius was glad to participate and sample our products at this CrossFit event last weekend and we look forward to other RAID game events in the future!

Celsius enjoys 911 CrossFit RAId event



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