Fitness for the Rest of Us A new Celsius review is featured on the blog Fitness for the Rest of Us in an article titled, “Celsius: Your Negative Calorie Drink—Increase Endurance, Boost Metabolism.” The article describes Celsius as “a yummy drink that will help you burn calories, raise your metabolism, and provides you with the energy you need to fuel your day and your workouts.” The review blogger Lindsey also wrote that “Celsius helps you get fit and stay fit,” adding that “Celsius is your partner whether you walk the dog or workout at the gym.” Lindsey goes on to write that “Celsius is a healthy, great tasting drink that actually burns calories instead of adding them,” adding that she is “going to give [her] workouts that extra boost that Celsius can provide.” To read the full review and check out the other fitness items reviewed on Lindsey’s site, visit Fitness for the Rest of Us.

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†CELSIUS alone does not produce weight loss in the absence of a healthy diet and moderate exercise. So, whether you walk the dog or work out at the gym, make CELSIUS part of your daily regimen.
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