Celsius Director of Fitness and Wellness and new IFBB Bikini Pro, Angeles Burke, was featured on CW San Diego’s “Wake Up San Diego” show.  The segment was titled “Get a Bikini Booty Workout.” Angeles demonstrated 3 exercises that will help tone your glutes. The exercises that were demonstrated included: Around the World Lunges, Pulse Squats and Standing Kickbacks. The beauty of these workout is that they can be done anywhere at any time!

During the segment, Angeles also mentioned that Celsius is a negative calorie energy drink that burns up to 100 calories and is clinically proven to boost your metabolism and reduce body fat, adding that Celsius is great to drink before a workout as it helps “tighten and tone” problem areas while giving you the energy you need.

Watch the video for the demonstration of the proper form and technique so you can get a bikini booty too!



Bikini Booty Workout

Around the World Lunges- Around 5 full times

Pulse Squats- 5 sets of 30 pulses

Standing Kickbacks- 5 sets of 30 kickbacks per leg


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