Sports drinks experience resurgence Category leaders help get sales into shape
By Jessica Jacobsen


Rebranding of category leading products as well as no- and low- calorie varieties has helped the sports drink market rebound in dollar sales as well as unit sales. Sales of non-aseptic sports drinks increased 12.2 percent to more than $3.7 billion dollars for the 52 weeks ending Feb. 20 in supermarkets, drug stores, gas, and convenience stores and mass merchandise markets excluding Wal-Mart, according to SymphonyIRI Group, Chicago.

“Celsius non-carbonated pre-exercise fitness drinks, is positioning its’ products as part of consumers’ sports regimen.  “Sports drinks are going to have to get more into the fitness world – back to the athletes, and a little bit less the general population that is looking for a refreshing drink,” says Steve Haley, Celsius’ founder and chief executive officer.

However, Celsius is focusing its efforts on filling a void of how to get your body prepared for the fitness world, he says. We’re positioning Celsius as your ultimate fitness partner,” Haley explains. “The main drink occasion where it’s the most beneficial is prior to exercise.”


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