I Run Faster have Great Workouts and am Losing theToughest Last Pounds! My Wife is Hooked and now Runs 5k’s With Me!

Prior to finding Celsius in the past 2-3 years I lost around 200 pounds. I went from 400+ pounds and I am down to just over 220 pounds. Then I found Celsius and it is my Ultimate Fitness Partner. I am more in shape than ever in my life. I now compete in 5k runs run 3 times a week and work out like never before. Celsius first helped me was as I was getting into those cold winter months when working out and staying in shape over the holidays are so hard. Holiday's 2009 I actually slipped up a little and gained 10-15 pounds. It took several months to get that back.

However with Celsius when I hit Holidays 2010 I actually LOST 10 more pounds AND I destroyed my average pace running. I use Sporty Pal to track all my outdoors runs and you can literally look at my run graphs and the day I started Celsius my pace went off the charts. I can't believe how great all my workouts and runs have been the past 4 months. I plan on using it all year and setting a new personal best every time. As I can attest the last 20-30 pounds are so hard to lose. I have been working on those 30 pounds for a year with no results. With Celsius and exercise I have already lost 10 and I know I will hit this last 20 before the end of June.

I have got my wife hooked lately and she now runs 5k with me when she can (as a mom of three and working full time) and uses her Celsius when she goes to fitness classes every week.

I drink Celsius about 30 minutes before every run or before I lift in the afternoons. I drink about 5-6 cans a week. Celsius has definitely helped me perform better and I have proof! I usually run 3-5 miles 3-4 times a week with an average pace of 6.6 mph. The first day I tried Celsius my average pace went to 7.1 to 7.3 MPH. This is documented on my Sporty Pal page (I can give you the link if you want it). I have lost so much weight while working a full time job with 3 kids. I’m proud of what I did and I would love to help others anyway I can. Here are my tips to help others!

You can’t do it alone; your whole house needs a diet makeover. Create 4-5 CONTROLLED calorie meals and stick to those every day for several months. Adjust calories slightly every few days until you get the results you need and learn exactly what your body needs. Cut out all fast food and only go out to eat one meal a week at most. Eat slowly normally you will find you get full much faster than you think. Push yourself in your workouts but don't start out so hard you get burned out. If you are not tired after a workout then you probably need to up your intensity. You didn't become overweight overnight… so you won’t lose it overnight either. Most people need to set longer term goals.  I love love love this stuff and you are welcome to use my story anytime. I always give facebook shout outs when I have those particularly great Celsius runs. I’m turning my followers on to you in Southwest Virginia.   Eric



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