She Knows WeddingCelsius is currently featured along with one of our favorite Real People Real Results weight loss champions, Sara Barnard, on in an article titled “Weight, what? Your wedding dress doesn't fit?” The article is about brides who put on weight before their wedding and have to have dress alterations. The editor includes Sara Barnard’s incredible weight loss story as an exception to this occurrence. The article quotes Sara as saying, “With the support of my family and friends, and a little bit of Celsius, I lost a total of 110 pounds and was able to wear my dream dress when walking down the aisle!” Sara is a living example of how anything is possible through hard work and dedication. The Celsius team is proud of Sara and the positive lifestyle change she made by incorporating Celsius into her fitness regimen to get in shape to wear the wedding dress of her dreams and live a healthier life. is the authoritative source for women ages 18 to 54. The site is dedicated to providing daily content for women seeking advice, information and a fresh, fun take on life. The SheKnows audience gains access to exclusive content on entertainment, parenting, health and wellness, money and career, dating, beauty and style and more.

Click here to read the article and learn more about Celsius and Sara’s inspirational story!



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