Here's a great in depth review of Celsius from blogger Stephanie Dover, whose site focuses on reviewing products for moms and younger children.

"The Bottom Line:
I have really enjoyed trying Celsius and I will continue to drink it before my workouts and if you are looking for a healthier alternative to sports drinks that will help your increase your energy and metabolism you should really give Celsius a try because really what do you have to lose except unwanted calories?"

She continues the review with the following

"More of My Thoughts
I was sent a wonderful package of Celsius products to review and I couldn’t wait to get started! I was sent all four of their sparkling flavors: Orange Wild Berry Cola and Ginger Ale and some of their on the go packs of Raspberry Acai Green Tea and Peach Mango Green Tea. Now I am not a green tea drinker so it did take me some time to psyche myself up to trying it but I’m certainly glad I did! I tried all four of the sparkling flavors and I really enjoyed all of them but my favorite by far was the orange flavor I will defiantly be drinking more of the orange!

Like I said I don’t drink regular green teas but the green tea varieties of Celsius just taste different to me and I find them pretty tasty and I actually prefer them to traditional teas! Over all drinking Celsius before my daily workout seems to have really given me a bit more energy and I don’t feel near as wore out after my 20 minute workout and I have more energy to get more of my daily chores done!"

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