As Celsius continues to raise money for Partners in Health in Haiti via donations through our shopping cart we would like to share with you an email from Sandy who has been communicating with her family from the area.

"I received another call from family members and am glad to know that they are doing okay. They are amongst the hundreds of thousands that are homeless. Currently we are trying to find out how to get them out of the city. It is very challenging when gas is scarce and where they need to go is hundreds of miles away. Hopefully we can figure it out.

Logically it seems that are some major issues with getting aid to the people. I’m praying that they things become more organized and aid can reach the people who really need it.

I know that people want to help. Watching all of the out pouring from my community internationally from celebrities and especially my work place has been very therapeutic for me. It’s so nice to see. Everywhere I go retailers are collecting for aid. There are people that are fasting in effort to raise awareness and money. The George Clooney Telethon “Hope for Haiti” was so beautiful. Larry King had a telethon where he raised millions of dollar in an hour. The endless coverage from news organizations. All of this support makes things a lot better to deal with knowing the help is on its way. I try to not talk about much in public or at work because I am trying to stay strong and not cry every five minutes. But when I do hear about it and have conversations about it I feel a real concern and people really want to help. My cousin who lives in the states left with the red cross on Tuesday as a volunteer to aid relief efforts. I am so proud of country and my community.

Hope is a hard thing to give to people and but people have been raining it over the Haitian people."

Thank you for your continuing support again donations can be made and Celsius will continue to match all donations dollar for dollar.


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