This week, several energy drink reviews featured Celsius revolutionary calorie burning beverage on several product review sites all across the country. Each reviewer had their own preference of flavor and pointed to their own favorite benefit of our energy drink. It is always nice to receive feedback on the products that you have on the market. But it is awesome when you hear from other people who believe in your product enough to make it part of their daily routine and to recommend you to others. We’re thrilled to share these fitness energy drink review summaries with you.

Mama Love

Sarah from Mama Love is a stay at home mother of three who reviewed our product. In the review Sarah gives great feedback about each of the flavors she sampled. After trying our calorie burning energy drink Sarah is a Celsius believer! She states:

I will tell you that each time I drank a Celsius it took maybe 10 minutes to kick in but then I was hit with a great boost of energy. And there were no jitters just super strong wonderful energy. I have gotten so much accomplished this week and I’m loving it. Really this drink offers a surprisingly strong boost of energy and more than I was expecting (no worries you won’t be a crazy energy monster I’m a regular drinker of energy drinks and was skeptical this great drink would give me a good boost). It lasted me about 5 to 7 hours with no horrible crashing. My overall thoughts are I love this drink and I plan on being a regular consumer of Celsius now!

To read the rest of this review visit the Mama Love blog

Minnesota Mom energy drink reviewCentral Minnesota Mom

Karen the Central Minnesota Mom is another stay at home mom to three young children or “domestic engineer” as she likes to be called. She has been doing product reviews and blogging for the past year. In her review Karen states:
The overall taste of Celsius is slightly less sweet than some of the other energy drinks I have tried in the past. I feel that Celsius did up my energy level.

To read the rest of this review visit the Central Minnesota Mom blog.

Gay NYC Dad energy drink reviewsGay NYC Dad

Gay NYC Dad A.K.A. Daddy Mitch usually uses energy drinks for better exercise endurance during a workout. In his review he states:
I will try anything as long as it is safe! I have been using this for a few days in lieu of the other “energy” drinks that I seem to need by the time I get to the gym my morning coffee doesn’t seem to be enough!”
Mitch enjoyed the fact that Celsius has no sugar no artificial preservatives and is low in sodium. He urges his readers to find out for themselves. Visit the Gay NYC Dad blog to read more.

Enery drink reviw by 2 Classy chicsTwo Classy Chics

Chris Carroll is a mother who is also one half of the product review duo known as Two Classy Chics. She was most interested in the ingredients and blown away by what is inside or rather by what is NOT inside Celsius’ fitness energy drinks. Chris states:
What really interested me is that Celsius contains no sugar no high fructose corn syrup no aspartame no artificial preservatives flavors or colors and is low in sodium. Sounds good so far. If you love to exercise and would not mind burning some extra calories (and who wouldn’t) this may be the perfect product for you!
To read the rest of this review visit Two Classy Chics.

Crazed mind reviews Celsius energy drinkCrazed Mind

Our last review is from Lenore Webb of Crazed Mind. She is also a mother who now has an empty nest and spends much of her time reviewing products and hosting giveaways on her blog. For her article titled Moving on to Celsius Lenore had her husband try Celsius. Her husband needs extra energy working strenuous 12-hour workdays. Lenore states that her husband could really feel the energy kick in that he was NOT getting from his previous energy drinks. The added sugar he had been consuming in other energy drinks contributed to noticeable weight gain over time. After conducting an in-home experiment that involved drinking Celsius calorie burning energy drink instead of his usual energy drinks Lenore’s husband dropped 1.5 pounds in a week! Lenore states:
Now I know that is not a lot. But he had not lost any before with his heavy workload. So that is a bit. If he keeps it up he can easy drop 6 lbs in a month and that is a healthy weight loss.
We hope to hear from Lenore in a few months that the calorie burning benefits and lasting energy from Celsius continued to help him power through  long workdays and contributed to even greater weight loss success. To read more about Lenore and her husband’s experiment with Celsius visit the Crazed Mind blog.

For anyone who may still be skeptical about trying out Celsius fitness energy drink the reviews are in. Take their word for it; better yet try Celsius for yourself and share with us your own review!

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