Celsius and Angeles Burke are currently featured in the August 2013 issue of Whole Foods Magazine.  The article titled “For the Active Lifestyle” is the third of a five-part series focused on Sports Nutrition. The series specifically discusses products that are geared to the active consumer. In the section titled “Energy the Natural Way,” the editor highlights how the mainstream energy drink business “has been subjected to a flood of high-profile criticism” which may cause products “that only use natural ingredients, instead of artificial stimulants and sugars” to edge their way into the center of the market.  Angeles Burke, Celsius Director of Fitness and Wellness is quoted in the article mentioning that, “Celsius positions its products as an alternative to the traditional fitness beverage.” She also states that Celsius contains no sugar, is low in sodium and contains a combination of nutrients that include “green tea extract, ginger root, guarana, B-vitamins and caffeine to give the consumer a boost of energy without a jittery feeling.”

In case you cannot get a hold of the magazine, click here to read the full article on the Whole Foods magazine’s website.

WholeFoods Magazine is a national, monthly trade magazine that is the longest-tenured media outlet of its kind in the natural products industry. The editorial focus is, and always has been, on informing and educating retailers about how to improve their businesses and take advantage of emerging opportunities both within the industry and in the world at large. Every monthly issue includes feature-length articles covering hot, new product categories.

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