If you’ve wondered where iconic fitness pitch-man Tony Little would turn up next, you probably weren’t surprised when we announced earlier this week that “America’s Personal Trainer” will be joining forces with Celsius! Examiner.com picked up on our big news and noted:

Little is a prominent voice in the fitness industry for more than two decades, Tony has encouraged over 45 million customers in over 80 countries to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle, while generating over $4 billion in revenue. Inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame in 2006, Tony's reputation and voice is a trusted one within the fitness and wellness industry.

He is now back in action as Fitness Ambassador for the fitness beverage Celsius…

Examiner’s Mark Leevan goes on to point to Tony’s prolific fitness career, 14 Platinum Awards, 9 gold video awards, and his most notable product, the "Gazelle." While it’s easy to see why any company in the fitness industry would eagerly team up with the icon of Tony Little, what is less readily apparent is why Celsius is so excited to be teaming up with this incredible man.


Tony’s courageous story of determination and overcoming great adversity is truly inspirational.  Tony was a world-class bodybuilding champion in the early 1980’s. If life had gone as planned, he likely would’ve had a nice, long career in the fitness world with many bodybuilding titles to his name. But just months before the Mr. America Bodybuilding Championships, Tony was severely injured in an accident that could’ve derailed everything. Tony faced a long recovery both physically and emotionally. Along the way, he has found both great highs as well as more challenges – including another life-threatening car accident.  Undeterred, Tony has used his experiences and his infectious energy to motivate millions to work past challenges and obstacles to be fit and healthy.

Tony Little embodies the values of fitness and health that have guided Celsius from the beginning. His legendary success in the fitness industry has come from his genuine belief that anyone can face and overcome the challenges in life to get fit. At Celsius, we believe our fitness drink offers a role in helping people improve their workout results and achieve their fitness goals. Please join us in welcoming Tony to the Celsius team!

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