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With the announcement earler this week that fitness icon Tony Little has become Celsius’ Fitness Ambassador, Bevnet, noted that this partnership is part of a larger shift in our entire sales and marketing strategy. In an article published at, Ray Latif linked the big changes he’s observing at Celsius to the leadership of President and CEO, Gerry David. Apparently, Bevnet has been paying attention!

The company has also expanded trial of Celsius through single can sales (the drink had previously been sold only in 4-packs) and boosted awareness of the beverage and its calorie-burning benefits via social and digital media campaigns as well as sampling programs at health and fitness clubs. Moreover, David, a former EVP of the Home Shopping Network’s direct response division, has spearheaded a new direct response TV effort for the company’s line of powder mix products. Direct response TV will be a likely stage for new spokesman Little, who knows a thing or two about the sales medium. – Ray Latif, Bevnet

In addition to our expanded social media and digital media campaigns, as the Bevnet article explains, the new partnership with Tony Little opens new doors for Celsius in the direct response TV arena.  This presents exciting new opportunities for Celsius to reach a vast pool of potential new customers. We couldn’t be more excited to join with Tony Little to bring our shared passion of health and fitness to people who haven’t yet discovered the benefits of Celsius.

While we are busy here at Celsius planning big things with Tony Little that you’ll see soon, our customers don’t have to wait for big things! Through August 18th, enter to win one of three $500 shopping sprees at the sports store of your choice. Energize more chances to win by sharing the contest with your friends!

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