Alfredo was out in Las Vegas for UFC 98 and to meet up with the Celsius 911 Fitness winners.  Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun and Celsius was a big hit on the Las Vegas Strip.

"Celsius was a BIG HIT at the UFC fight this past Memorial Day weekend. The weekend started with a welcome reception with the Celsius 911 Fitness winning teams, (with the exception of the California team who couldn’t get the time off) at the Hooters Hotel and Casino on Thursday night. Once everyone was checked into the hotel the teams met in the lobby for a quick meet and greet where I handed out the Celsius 911 Fitness shirts and Vitamin Shoppe gift cards along with Celsius 4-packs to each of the winning team members.

Then Friday afternoon everyone reunited at the MGM Grand Arena, which is located directly across the street from the Hooters Casino. Once at the arena, we were greeted by the UFC officials.  This was a good opportunity for the teams to get know each other. I was able to get some candid pictures of the teams interacting with one another, as well as with the infamous UFC fighter Nick Catone. Miraculously enough, I was actually able to get Nick to try Celsius and wear a Celsius 911 Fitness winner’s shirt. After about 20 minutes of mingling we were then escorted into the arena for the Celsius 911 check presentation. Here I was able to sneak in some Celsius in my camera case and snap some shots of Celsius placed in front of the ring before I was caught. Then it was on for the Celsius 911 check presentation by UFC fighter Frank Mir to all four winning teams. After all the checks were presented we participated in the Q&A session in the main arena with Frank Mir followed by the official weigh-in.   Over 5,000 UFC fans attended the weigh-in!

Saturday, I had a few hours to kill before the fight so I packed my bag with some cold Celsius and headed down the Vegas strip for some grassroots samplings. It was still early and most people I met were saying Celsius was exactly what they needed to get them moving after a long night. I was able to make a stop at the Bellagio where I did a photo shoot with Celsius in front of the water show. I would like to think that my photo shoot was the reason the Bellagio had such a nice crowd, but someone told me it was the water show. Immediately following the water show I was able to sample Celsius to the spectators who had gathered. At 4pm all teams met at the MGM Grand arena for the fight. I’m sure you are eager to know who won the fights. Well, I’m glad you asked. In the grudge match between fierce rivals and former welterweight champions Matt Hughes and Matt Serra is finally over. After months of Serra talking trash about Hughes Serra lost the match in unanimous decision. In the main event Lyoto Machidawas able to knock out UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans in the second round to take the belt form Evans."


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