Team Celsius participated in the Expo at The Arnold Sports Festival earlier this month and we were so excited to be there! We are lucky to attend several fitness and bodybuilding events representing Celsius but this one is always a special treat. "The Arnold" is held every year in Columbus, Ohio and is the largest event of its kind in the US.  Hundreds of thousands of athletes and consumers attended the event from all over the world. At the festival, you can attend everything from weight lifting and bodybuilding competitions to cheerleading events and fencing, just to name a few.

Leading players in the world of sports nutrition attend the event to share information about their company and products.   The expo hall, where the action takes place, reached a near carnival atmosphere. The crowds were enormous all weekend long and the action was non-stop.  The expo hall was jam-packed with celebrities, fitness models, and lots of product samples and information so that fitness enthusiasts could learn more about how to get fit and stay healthy.

This year the Celsius booth was on fire!  We distributed over 6,000 samples of Celsius over the 3-day event.  Moreover, the traffic was non-stop at our booth with folks trying Celsius for the first time and of course, our very loyal passionate Celsius fans stopping by for a sample.  This year, we sponsored Pro-Bikini model, Angeles Burke, who was at the Celsius booth signing her photo and sharing her fitness tips with fans.

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