Celsius is currently featured in an article titled “Discover what Miley Cyrus and Sofia Vergara sip to shed pounds” on Examiner.com. The article explains that, “on average, Americans consume 22 percent of their calories daily from beverages, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.” For anyone looking for a way to cut calories fast, changing your beverage choices may be the easiest place to start. Negative calorie Celsius can help create an even greater calorie defecit when used as an alternative to high calorie, high sugar energy drink or sodas..

It is no secret that award winning actress, Sophia Vergara, is a Celsius drinker. Perhaps Vergara drinks Celsius because it has been clinically proven to actually burn up to 100 calories and provide lasting energy. This is perfect for Vergara’s long days on set filming roles for the big screen just like it can give the rest of us extra energy on long days teaching, taking care of the kids, meeting deadlines at the office, or the exercise endurance to power through that tough workout.

The Examiner.com editor notes in the article that “sipping Celsius prior to exercise helps boost your metabolism and burn body fat.” An image of Sofia Vergara drinking Celsius is included, alongside a photo of the can itself. We’re always excited to see pictures of glamorous celebrities sipping our revolutionary negative calorie drink. But we love to get pictures from you too. If the paparazzi doesn’t snap a photo of your Celsius break today, take one yourself and share it with us on any of our social media channels. Show us your favorite flavor, who you share your Celsius with, or maybe what the lasting energy of Celsius helps you do better.

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