Cardio training Celsius challengeWhen you walk into the gym, many times the majority of the cardio equipment is being used by the patrons… but are they really training in a way that will help them see results? Some people are going too slowly, others are working so intensely that they cannot last more than 5 minutes on the step mill. While it is great that these people are being active, in most cases they never see the results that they are seeking because their cardio training routine lacks proper INTENSITY. Many are simply going through the motions in order to complete a few miles or minutes for their training log. By following this cardio protocol, you will be working at the proper intensity for your skill level and making the most out of your precious time in the gym.

Below you will find all of the information that you need in order to perform the cardio portion and get the most out of your routine. The beauty of this part of the program is that you can choose ANY type of cardio training to meet the requirements. The only thing you have to do is 1. Drink your Celsius prior to training and 2. Keep your heart rate in the recommended zone which keeps your level of intensity high. It is that easy! Below you will find all of the information you need to get started. Before beginning your routine, it is recommended that you invest in a heart rate monitor to be able to easily see where your heart rate is while training.

Below you will find a chart on how to find an estimate of your Heart Rate Reserve as well as what percentage your heart rate needs to be in as each week progresses.

How to determine your Heart Rate Reserve (HRR).

Heart Rate Max= 220-Age

Heart Rate Resting= Heart Beats Per 1 Min at Rest

Heart Rate Reserve= Heart Rate Max- Heart Rate Resting

How to determine your % of Heart Rate Reserve (HRR).

40% HRR= (.40xHRR)+HRrest

50% HRR= (.50xHRR)+ HRrest

60% HRR= (.60xHRR)+ HRrest

70% HRR= (.70xHRR) + HRrest

Week Time % of Heart Rate Reserve (HRR)
1 15-20 Min 40-50%
2 20-25 Min 40-50%
3-4 25-30 Min 50-60%
5-7 25-30 Min 60-70%
8-10 30-35 Min 60-70%

Frequency: 3 days per week

Some options for cardiovascular training: Power walking, running, cycling, treadmill, elliptical, stair master, step mill and swimming. You can get creative, just be sure that your heart rate is in the correct zone to ensure that you are getting the most that out of this program and working to your full intensity. Celsius will help to provide you with the endurance that you need to get through these training sessions and the more consistent you are, the easier the workouts will become due to increased stamina. By having more energy, you will be able to train harder and longer than you had in the past. Thanks to Celsius, you will be able to burn more calories and fat while you improve your overall cardio endurance.

As always be sure to properly hydrate and listen to your body during training. Should you feel, faint, dizzy or nauseous slow down your pace until you feel better and proceed with your routine. Exerting yourself physically is not going to always be comfortable. Begin to learn the difference between challenging yourself at a higher intensity and pushing yourself too hard. *Consult with your primary care physician before beginning any exercise program or taking dietary supplements.

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