Bring on the HEAT

CELSIUS HEAT’s powerful combination of L-Citrulline and our MetaPlus® blend increases thermogenesis and provides a powerful boost of performance energy right when you need it most. CELSIUS HEAT helps top athletes reach their fitness goals and break through any obstacles that hold them back. Read on to learn how top professional fitness athletes like Brandon Hendrickson, Nick Walker, and Barbara Cesar rely on CELSIUS HEAT to power through their workouts and achieve their fitness goals.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Nick Walker

2021 New York Pro Champion

About Nick Walker

At 27 years old, Nick is one of the youngest to compete in the Arnold and the Olympia, and he did this all within his first year of turning pro. A personal goal of Nick’s was to win the NY Pro Champion his first year, and he completed this milestone in 2021. Nick also won the Arnold Classic in September 2021, and now has his sights on adding a win for the Mr. Olympia (in October 2021) to his list of accomplishments. Winning all three of these titles in the first year of competition would be unprecedented in the sport, and certainly earn Nick a place in the record books. Nick’s influences include Dorian Yates and Jay Cutler, and he trains at Revive Gym. His coach is Matt Jansen. His favorite CELSIUS HEAT flavor is Blueberry Pomegranate.

Big Waves Don't Stop.

Brandon Hendrickson

2016 Arnold Classic Champion-Men’s Physique
2018 & 2020 Mr. Olympia Champion-Men’s Physique

About Brandon Hendrickson

Brandon Hendrickson is widely regarded as one of the best Men’s Physique bodybuilders in the world today. Not only did he win the 2016 Arnold Classic for Men’s Physique, but he was also Men’s Physique Champion in 2018 and 2020 at the Mr. Olympia Competition. Brandon trains at Elev8tion Fitness in Miami, and Barbell Compound in Chicago. Brandon’s inspirations include Flex Wheeler, Kai Greene, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


When he’s not training or competing, you can find Brandon at Big Waves Fitness. Big Waves is Brandon’s personal training and apparel company, where he shares his men’s physique training techniques with others so that they can better themselves mentally and physically. Brandon’s favorite CELSIUS HEAT flavor is Cherry Lime.

Live your journey, respect your time, and enjoy the process.

Barbara Cesar

IFBB Wellness Athlete 2021
Tahoe Pro Champion 2021
NPC overall Champion

About Barbara Cesar

Barbara Cesar (better known as Bábi Manu), is an IFBB Wellness Athlete, Fitness Model, and Entrepreneur. Bábi turned pro, completed her pro debut, and qualified for the Olympia all within the same year. Her accomplishments also include winning the title for 2021 Tahoe Pro Champion in Wellness, as well as 2021 NPC Overall Champion.


Her inspirations include her family in Brazil, her husband Brandon Hendrickson, and her coach Diego Henrique Souza. Bábi trains at Elev8tion Fitness in Miami and also offers a variety of women’s personal training routines through her App on Trybe Fitness. When not competing, Bábi sells swimwear and gym accessories at Bádi by Manu. Bábi’s favorite CELSIUS HEAT flavor is Orangesicle.