Singer and songwriter Brandon Skeie uses Celsius to break through his weight loss plateau. He lost an incredible 60 lbs. so far, and he is still going strong. He recently reached out to us and told us about his love for our brand and the effect it had on his transformation. Naturally, as a singer and cover artist, Brandon is always in front of cameras to showcase his talent. Brandon uses Celsius as an accelerator to his fitness routine.

Skeie was born in Kelso, Washington. He has a passion for music, hiking and physical activities. When it comes to food, Brandon loves Thai, but his guilty pleasures are ice cream and red wine. Okay – as guilty pleasures go … those aren’t too bad!

Brandon has been struggling with his weight for three years now. His weight loss journey began soon after he graduated from high school. He weighed in at 304 lbs. back then. “I would work out all the time but never wanted to give up my eating habits, so I would constantly loose and gain weight. Eat great, eat unhealthy. It was a circle pattern that never stopped.”

BrandonSkeieHeadshotEven though he knew he needed to lose weight, many of the things he tried did not have lasting effects. “It wasn’t until December of 2013 when I met my boyfriend Trevor, who was a fitness freak, that I actually started loosing weight. He showed me I could still eat what I would eat but a smaller portion and not all at once.”

Once he improved his eating habits, Brandon started dabbling in exercise. “I started going to Equinox with my boyfriend, and at this point, I got down to about 260 lbs. From there I started working out harder and started introducing more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Then I dropped to 240.”

Well on his path to a healthier new him, Skeie suddenly hit a wall once he reached the 240 lbs. mark. “From there it was starting to get harder to lose weight, but I was still drinking heavy amounts of soda and coffee, so I started looking for a healthy alternative — which is where Celsius came into play.”

After Brandon ditched his soda and coffee intake he started seeing more results. “I started drinking Celsius instead and got myself down to 220 lbs., and I’m currently working on losing my last 20 lbs.”

Skeie has a set fitness routine he adheres to to help maintain the pound-shedding momentum:

Monday: Varies (Train for at least an hour and a half)
Tuesday: Chest & Legs
Wednesday: Varies
Thursday: Chest & Legs
Friday: Weights, Cardio or Group Fitness
Saturday: Weights, Cardio or Group Fitness
Sunday: Rest

Brandon didn’t stop there. He has also concocted a nutritional system for him that keeps his calorie intake in check, and his metabolism revved up, resulting in five small meals each day:

Breakfast: 1 cup oatmeal, pecans mixed with a teaspoon of brown sugar
Snack: Fruit and a Starbucks coffee
Lunch: Salad or lean protein with a Celsius
Snack: Mixed Vegetables
Dinner: A mix of potatoes and chicken or turkey and rice.

Fun Facts About Brandonbrandonskeie_blogpic1

When did you first find Celsius and what made you want to try it?
I found Celsius at 24-Hour Fitness. I was intrigued by the fact that it could help you burn 100 calories.

What were your goals at the time? 
When I first found Celsius, my goal was to lose 80 pounds. I have lost 60 pounds so far!

Why and when do you drink Celsius?
I drink Celsius as a healthy energy drink during my workout sessions to get me through my training and to burn some extra calories.

How has it helped you?
Celsius has helped to give me more healthy energy.

What else did you do to get the results – exercise, changes in what you ate, etc.?
In order to get results, I started going to the gym six days a week.

Did you do group or individual exercise?
I do training on my own and incorporate group fitness classes as well.

What else have you tried to get results, and did they work?
To get results I have tried fat burning tea, and adding in weight training.

What are your favorite flavors? Do you enjoy the on-the-go stick?
My favorite flavors are Celsius Sparkling Cola and Sparkling Orange.

Did you give up something else you were drinking for Celsius?
When I found Celsius, I gave up coffee.

What do you think makes Celsius unique?
I think the fact that Celsius helps you to burn more calories and has a good flavor makes this product unique.

Check out one of Brandon’s Fit Vlogs on YouTube below. If you look closely you’ll see Celsius is a prime component in his fridge!

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