Name: Manny “The AK-47” Dunham

Hometown: Stockton, CA

Profession: Boxing

Record: 56-14

Height: 5’8

Weight Class: 140pds Junior Welter Weight 

Titles and Contest History: 3 time PNW Champion, 3 time McCracken Fight Night Battle of the Borders Champion, Oregon State GOLDEN GLOVES Champion, Arctic Gloves Champion. Currently ranked #6 in the nation by the USA Boxing Association.

Hobbies and Passions: Reading my Bible, writing music, watching Kung Fu movies and training youth athletes.

Favorite Foods:  Mexican Chicken Tamales and Chicken Pad Thai.

Guilty Pleasures: Banana Moon Pies and Marshmallow Treats.

When I started to get serious about fighting and training, I didn’t know how to cut weight. I remember walking thru the grocery outlet store and seeing this 16 ounce glass bottle filled with a drink I had never heard of at the time but when I read the label and saw what was in it and how it could help me burn more calories and improve on my endurance. I was like, “Well, here goes nothing”. That was when I bought my first Celsius drink and after that day I swore by this drink. Celsius does what it says it does, plus it tastes great and comes in a variety of different flavors. I am always looking to let my friends and family know how good it works. I actually advertised Celsius so much that it back fired on me! I would tell all my friends where to get it when it was on sale, that it got to the point that when I would go to these stores to get more Celsius they were always sold out. Talk about irony!

Celsius has become an everyday thing for me when it comes to working out. My day to day work outs start with me waking up at 2:30 am. I eat something very light just to give my metabolism a jump start, followed by a can of Celsius to top it off. This gives me the energy that I need to wake up fully and push myself to do my 6 mile run from the house to the boxing gym with a 20 pound back pack full of work clothes, shoes, and my boxing attire for my next workout after work. I continue this routine throughout the week and on Monday; I start back at it again. I am always striving to be better than I was the last time. I am happy to be a part of the Celsius family, I have received nothing but support from the Celsius team from day one and I am glad to know they have my back as I work my way up to the top.  –Manny D.

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