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When trying to lose weight, accountability can help keep you on track while reaching your goals even faster. Erin and Sam, the two women behind Team Blonde and Strong, have been helping to hold each other accountable for the last few years, and both have found weight loss success while drinking Celsius. Once party girls who had put on a few extra pounds, Blonde and Strong have turned their lives around and are now healthier, happier and 70 pounds lighter

Weight Loss Success Q&A with Erin and Sam

Can you give us some insight into your personal and daily lives?

We are both elementary school teachers.  This is actually how our journey began.  Going into education, we both had the dream of impacting and inspiring others. We had never dreamt that we would be able to do this through our job and our new found passion for fitness.  With our jobs we work long hours.  We wake up at 5:30 each morning to head into work, and typically don’t hit the sack until midnight.  Usually after staying late at work, our bags are still full of lesson plans, tests, and activities to create when we get home.  Both of us are involved in many committees outside of our job, working toward master’s degrees and balancing our social life; this leaves very little extra time in the day. Even though our days are jam-packed, we try our best to find the “me” time through healthy living each and every day.

Before getting into healthy living and finding weight loss success, what was going on in your life that made you decide to make a change? weight loss success

When we first started this journey, were in self-destruct mode.  Long nights of partying and fast food became part of our weekend rituals.  After waking up time after time feeling miserable, we finally decided that something had to change.  Our low energy and lethargic days would soon be behind us forever.  Together, we decided to cut out the “toxic” things in our lives, and start to become who we were really meant to be.  This was the best decision we have ever made. Two years later, we wake up ready to conquer the world.  We have more energy, a stronger work ethic, and we’re more disciplined towards giving into the temptations and peer pressure the world puts in front of us daily. We haven’t achieved our “ultimate” goal because this is an on-going process;  however, many small victories have been met along the way.

That is very interesting and great that you set these goals together! How did you first discover Celsius, and what made you want to try it?

We decided to take a trip to Miami to reward our hard work and dedication with our new lifestyle. While there, we visited a Vitamin Shoppe and spotted a little gem on the shelf called Celsius. We purchased some product and drank Celsius before training … we had one of the best workouts of our lives! Celsius allowed us to push harder than we ever had before! After coming home from our trip, we immediately researched this product to see what it was truly about.  We discovered Celsius was a sugar-free, vitamin-enriched drink that provided lasting energy without the crash.  Immediately, we ordered a surplus of Celsius!

When and why do you drink Celsius?

When we started drinking Celsius our goal was to have weight loss success. After losing over 70 pounds together (Erin lost 30 pounds and Sam lost 40 pounds), we set higher expectations for ourselves.  It was no longer about losing weight or getting in shape, it was all about becoming the best version of ourselves. We mostly use Celsius for energy before we train.  However, due to all of the beneficial vitamins Celsius has to offer, we have found ourselves drinking it throughout the day.  It is a great afternoon pick-me-up!

What has helped you stay on track and kept you motivated?

TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!  Having a reliable workout partner is the most valuable asset that you can have throughout this process.  It truly is a life-changing journey that is not easily done on your own.  Fortunately, we can push and motivate one another.

What surprised you or was different from what you were expecting as you made your way through your weight loss journey?

Making a big change like this was not only a struggle for us, but also for those around us.  We jumped into this feet first and slowly figured it out along the way.  Many people had difficulty understanding our lifestyle change, and had a hard time accepting it, giving us a lot of negative feedback.  However, we did not let this affect us.  In fact, this motivated us to work harder, push further, and stay true to our beliefs. As this journey has progressed there has been more acceptance to change. We have found that family is a KEY element in the process.  They are the people that are there for you no matter what happens.  We are fortunate that our families have become accustomed to our daily routines.  They support us by cooking foods that fit our lifestyle and even showing interest by starting to workout themselves!

That is great that you stayed focused even when it became difficult. With this lifestyle transformation you talked about working out as part of your new routine. What does your exercise/workout routine look like?

We train 6 days a week, while focusing on one body part daily.  We take one active rest day and add in abdominal work every other day.  The only cardio we do is walking for 30 minutes 2-3 times a week. At one point we believed the only way to lose weight and get in shape was to hit the treadmill for hours daily.  Soon, through education and monitoring our progress we realized this was not the answer.  With proper diet and weight training we have been able to reach and achieve our desired results.

Weight loss comes from moving more and eating well. What type of diet or nutrition plan did you two follow in order to achieve and now maintain your results?

Experimenting is key! We have worked on developing a nutrition plan that works best for us.  Through trial and error we have been able to discover the best macros to meet our goals.  Between the two of us we have completely different body types.  In the beginning we tried doing the exact same thing, and quickly realized what works for one person does NOT work for all! We keep each meal portioned and clean. Clean eating is our main goal.  Sticking to foods that are simple, healthy and delicious.  In the beginning this was a struggle, then soon realized that we can make any of our favorite foods in a clean version. Food is fuel, and it is the key element of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Since it is not always easy, what is the one thing you can tell others who are looking to make transformations in their lives to keep them motivated?

LOVE THE PROCESS! Unfortunately, results do not happen overnight.  This can sometimes be the hardest hurdle to overcome.  We want results, and we want them NOW. Changes occur over time with hard work and dedication.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  This should be something you love and look forward to daily, not dread.  The key is to find something that you love and works best for you.  Not everyone is the same. Small changes in your daily routine can make drastic changes in your life. There is no room for excuses or taking short cuts, in the end you are only cheating yourself.

Are there any other things you would like to share with the Celsius community?

Celsius has been one of the best discoveries we have made on this life-changing journey.  We would like to thank the Celsius Team for this opportunity to share our story.  As a team, Blonde and Strong, we hope that we can motivate others to take the leap of faith to a healthier lifestyle and to use Celsius along the way.

Blonde and Strong Fun Facts

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Hobbies/ Passions: Shopping for fitness gear, and most importantly, working out, eating clean and getting lean!
Favorite Food: Ice Cream (guilty pleasure)
Favorite Celsius Flavor: Raspberry Acai Green Tea. We have tried them all, but this is hands down our favorite. It is light, refreshing, and most of all – energizing!
Guilty Pleasures: Buying workout clothes!

You can follow Erin and Sam from Blonde and Strong on Instagram @blonde_n_strong.

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