Mile 153: Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus Day 3 Recap

We packed up this morning, stopped at a McDonald’s down the way for a quick breakfast then dropped by Blue Run Bicycles in Dunnellon. We didn’t really need anything; we have just been enjoying the conversations we have encountered so much that we decided to just drop in. We were not disappointed. We enjoyed a quick chat with Grant Chance, the owner. He wished us well and we were off for day three of our biking travels as we head for Denver.


The day was uneventful but the evening again reminded us that our biking travels are well named as Spirit of America Bike Ride for Hydrocephalus. We had no more than settled into our campsite at Manatee Springs State Park when our neighbor stepped out of her RV with two cold and inviting Miller Lites in her hand exclaiming we looked like we could use them. How true! That beer tasted so good. She retreated inside and came out with two more along with her husband in tow. We had a great evening talking with this wonderful couple. Thank you Gary and Kathy Reis for the beers and even better conversation.While we were chatting, another neighbor showed up. The picture is a little fuzzy but this deer almost walked straight into our campsite.

We are planning to take a break from camping and stay in a motel soon…with beds. Dreamy soft beds in an air conditioned room. It will feel like the Taj Mahal to us.  Cannot wait!

One of the goals of our biking travels as we meet and talk with great folks is to educate people about hydrocephalus and how many, especially older people, are misdiagnosed. Awareness is needed, as is funding, so if you are motivated to learn more or wish to donate to this worthy cause, click here to find out more.

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