The nights have become chilly and we are expecting to see some snow by the end of the week in Denver. We started our bike ride today, Monday, in several layers of clothes but two hours into the ride, we were peeling off layers and riding in 70 degrees with no humidity. This is a welcome change from the sticky summer heat through Florida and Louisiana. When the wind is not in our faces, it is really great weather for cycling. We were riding on a tail wind today. We made it to our destination for the day by noon so decided to keep moving. About 20 miles before our new destination, the winds changed and we were back to riding into the headwinds.

The land all around us is flat. The only way to describe the landscape here is “vast.” The only thing can relate it to is looking out over the ocean and the endless horizon of the water. It is quite remarkable. We are excited to announce that the Spirit of America Bike Ride for Hydrocephalus hit 2300 miles today. We rode 65 miles with the wind pushing us along for a change so we arrived in Limon, CO by 2:00, which gave us time to do some laundry and relax a bit. We are now at 5,377 ft. elevation so it will not be long until we hit that mile high mark in Denver.

We are getting excited to reach the end of our bike tour and relax and explore a bit in Denver for the winter. By spring, who knows, we might be ready to hit the road again and continue further west. For now, we are looking forward to completeing our Tampa to Denver ride and celebrate by hitting our goal of $3,000 for the Hydrocephalus Association. If the Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus donation page collects $3,000, Celsius will match that donation and we will be able to give the Hydrocephalus Association $6,000. That has been our goal. We have enjoyed all the support for our bike ride here on our blog and on social media as we have cycled every day for this great cause. If you have not yet donated, or maybe you were waiting to see if we would make it, we are practically on Denver’s doorstep so now is the time. Seriously, thanks for all the support and encouragement. We cannot wait to share pictures and updates with you from the Mile High City soon!


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