Mile 1470 Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus Day 30-31 Recap

Normally, road construction is no more than a minor inconvenience for our bike tour as there is usually a way for us to maneuver our bikes but not always. As we arrived in San Antonio, there was a stretch where cones were on each side of the road and no place to ride our bikes but in the road. This was problematic for us as well as for the unfortunate motorists behind us. If you were caught behind two cyclists laboring through a stretch of road on the northeast side of San Antonio last Thursday, we sincerely apologize. We try to be courteous cyclists when we share the road on our bike ride. There was just nowhere else to ride in this case.


Following that rather harrowing experience, we headed for a gas station to check our directions. As we got off our bikes, a man walked up and asked us if we were the couple biking cross-country. We were taken back a little that someone in San Antonio would even know about our Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus until he smiled and said, “I read the paper!” Thank you, Roy Bragg, for your article in the San Antonio Express. It was a great article and we hope it makes readers curious to learn more about hydrocephalus.

While in San Antonio, we stayed with WarmShowers hosts, Jodie and Tim Francis. We really enjoyed the chance to get to know them. We have enjoyed each of our WarmShowers hosts so much. If you are planning a multiple night bike tour, join and look for hosts along the route. Spending an evening swapping cycling stories and talking about life is a great way to end a day of riding. You may even consider becoming a touring cyclists host home. I have heard from several folks that they plan to become hosts after reading our blog.

We scheduled an appointment with Cycle Logic bike shop to get our bikes tuned up on Friday. Tim graciously drove us, and our bikes, to the shop. Allen and Joey did a thorough tune up and got us squared away with some new heavier duty tires. We did not go with Gatorskins after all but opted for a similar tie, the Italian Vittoria. Like the Gatorskin, the Vittoria has double shielding with a slightly different tread. With more impermeable tires, heavy-duty linings, and Mr. Tuffy shields, we think we are ready for the last half of our journey.

In an earlier post, I mentioned three must-haves that we think no long distance biking tour should be without. Mary and I have learned and experienced a great deal but we have become strong advocates of three things in particular:  drinking Celsius to keep our endurance going; investing in heavy-duty tires, linings and tubes; and meeting great fellow cycling tour enthusiast through I am adding a fourth. Regardless of how mechanical you deem yourself to be, if you buy a bike online and decide to put it together yourself, take it in to a professional to fine tune the degrees and align perfectly the seat and handle bars to your body type. Being on the road for over 1400 miles so far has undoubtedly taken its toll on our bikes as well. Allen and Joey adjusted the degrees on several components so our ride should be smoother on the rest of our journey. Thank you Allen and Joey for all you help.

While we were at Cycle Logic, San Antonio’s KSAT Channel 12 News arrived to do a short segment on our ride for hydrocephalus. We enjoyed meeting KSAT’s reporter and weatherman, John Honore who is even an FSU Alum, a Seminole from our home state of Florida. Below, you can see the great piece that aired on Channel 12 on Friday. We really appreciate all the support for our bike tour and for our cause. We enjoyed our visit to the beautiful San Antonio area which we capped off on Friday night with dinner with our new WarmShowers friends to enjoy more of San Antonio’s famous Mexican food. Saturday, we turned north and we are now travelling onward to Denver, Colorado.

You can learn more about hydrocephalus at the Hydrocephalus Association website. While one in 500,000 children is born with hydrocephalus, it can strike at any age and often goes undetected or misdiagnosed in many adults and seniors. On the Hydrocephalus Association’s blog, you can hear directly from those who are dealing with this neurological disorder, how they were  diagnosed, how they manage the condition, and how they are working with the association to raise awareness and improve the quality of life for those with hydrocephalus. If you are able to join us in supporting their mission, please visit our donation site. All monies raised go directly to the Hydrocephalus Association to fund research, advocacy, and patient programs. Our goal is raise $3,000 on this bike ride and Celsius will match that for a $6,000 contribution. Please help us reach our goal and tell your friends about the Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus so that we can all join together to make a real difference for the children, families, adults, and seniors dealing with hydrocephalus.

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