benefits_of_logging_your_workoutsIf you have been lacking progress in the gym, it may be time to learn the benefits of logging your workouts.This is a great way to maximize your time spent training by knowing how strong your currently are and when it is appropriate to push yourself. To gain the benefits of logging your workouts, start logging your training in a designated workout journal or go high tech and download a fitness app that allows you to input your workout data By keeping track of the date, specific exercise, weight used, amount of repetitions performed, and how you feel, you will start to see the benefits of logging your workouts since you can visually see which ways you can challenge yourself in order to see change.

Break You Own Records and Create New “Personal Bests”

You can begin logging your workouts at any time in your fitness journey. Once you get started the key it to remain consistent. Start by writing the date of your workout and the exercises performed as well as the repetitions and how you felt during the workout. The same goes for the cardio portion of your workouts. Track the date, time, exercises performed, distance, levels and important notes. Over time you will be able to look back at a specific workout and repeat the workout. The second time around you should know how much you can challenge yourself by either trying to complete the cardio faster, go a longer distance or use heavier weights/perform more repetitions.

By logging a base line of athletic ability on certain moves and exercises you will also have a reminder of how strong you have become.

If you were to simply “think” about how far you have progressed when it comes to physical strength and stamina, you would easily forget a lot of the small accomplishments that brought you to the fitness level you are at today. But when you look back at where you were 6 months prior in your journal and can visibly see that you improved you maximum number of repetitions or can now perform 3 more pull ups, it will be hard not to be proud of yourself and be motivated by your own accomplishments.

A workout log is also a great tool to use when you feel like you have hit a plateau in your fitness routine. Review old routines and try to make them more difficult and challenging by adding a few pounds of resistance or more repetitions that will push you a bit further each time you train.

Keep your workout log as detailed as possible.

After a while, you may get sick and tired of doing it, but I promise that if you stay consistent with logging your workouts each day, you will be surprised at how much YOU are able to accomplish. There are several ways to track your progress, so don’t feel limited. Building consistency will also build a habit that lasts long term. Feel free to share an example in the comments section below about how you log your workouts or fitness routine. Download this printable free workout log to help you get start logging your training routine. If you are looking for a way to get even more out of your training, click the image below and take the Celsius Challenge. All you have to do is incorporate one can of Celsius into your daily routine and you can even post your progress on social media using the hashtag #celsiuschallenge for an opportunity to win great prizes.


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