how to balance family and fitnessAs you dive deeper into your healthy lifestyle, you many notice that it becomes hard to balance your family and fitness goals. You may face battles internally (such as not believing in yourself, giving into temptation, allowing negative self-talk to creep in) as well as external pressures that are associated with your family, friends and loved ones. Some of our family members will be very supportive of the journey we are on while others will seem like it is their duty to voice their opinion on everything you eat, the clothing you wear or how often you are at the gym. My advice to you is DO NOT get discouraged. In all aspects of life you will have to find the balance between the people who support your goals and others who are less than supportive. Below you will find a few key points that will help you manage yourself and learn how to balance family and fitness.

1. Do not be an inconvenience– If you have family members coming into town to visit, do not make them wait around for you while you spend the morning at the gym. If your training is a priority, then get up at the crack of dawn before everyone wakes up OR train after everyone has gone to bed. You need to be flexible and balance your schedule keeping your family members in mind.

2. Stop drawing attention to your food choices– If you hate when others comment on what you are eating, then STOP making it into such a big deal. Saying, “Ugh, I hate eating this…” is only going to annoy people and they will not want to be around you. On the other hand being a food snob and pointing out others food choices isn’t appreciated either.

3. Keep your comments to yourself– Just as you do not enjoy when people critique your healthier meal choices and training, others who may not make the same choices do not want the critique or snarky comments in return. Being fit and living a healthy lifestyle is a CHOICE! While it would be wonderful if everyone would make the commitment to be healthier, that is not always the case. Find the balance between allowing others to live their lives but always be willing to share any tips when approached for advice.

4. Stop forcing your beliefs on others– If you believe juicing or intermittent fasting with 3 hours of cardio is the only way to live life to the fullest… you may want to keep some of your beliefs to yourself. People do not usually want to be forced in to new things especially when they are content with living their life. My advice is to find an outlet that you see fit- like joining a social media group with the same interests and share your beliefs there. The more you try forcing your familt to do the same things that you do, the further away you will push them.

5. Avoid cancelling plans– The quickest way for your family to think you are “out of your mind obsessed” with being fit is by canceling plans to functions or always skipping on opportunities to be with others because your training or diet is “getting in the way” of things. Find the balance and make compromises with your family and loved ones so that everyone is happy in the long run. Some ideas would be: picking a health food restaurant, going hiking, playing a sport outside. By doing something active or making healthier choices, you and your family can enjoy quality time together that is not boring and it ensures that everyone gets involved.

While living a more active and fit life is not always easy to find the balance between family and fitness. You cannot put a price tag on your health and quality of life. Learn how to balance your family and your fitness in a way that makes this lifestyle work for you.

Now that you know how to balance family and fitness, what are some tips you use to stay on track? We all have tips and tricks to help make things work. Please share your strategies and tips in the comments section below.


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