Arnold Sports Festival ExpoEach year, the Arnold Sports Festival is an International event that draws athletes and spectators from all across the globe! 2014 marked the 26th anniversary of this event, and Team Celsius was happy to represent at the Expo hall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

As a supplement company, attending the Arnold Expo is an important part of building brand awareness. According to the Arnold Sports Festival website, this event is “…the largest multi-sport event in the nation. Each year the Arnold welcomes more than 18,000 athletes who compete in more than 45 sports & events, including 12 Olympic sports. More than 175,000 fitness enthusiasts attend the Arnold Sports Festival each year to experience thrilling moments of sports competition and fitness entertainment.”


A main highlight for the attendees is the Expo hall where there are 700 plus booths and vendors. Here you will find the latest trends in fitness apparel, supplements, and training equipment from popular brands. This is also where the fitness enthusiasts meet and greet sport personalities, spokes models, fitness professionals, film stars, and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Sports Festival IFBB Pro Celsius

Team Celsius used this opportunity to announce and launch the Fast Track to Fittest eBook at the Expo. This eBook provides current and new consumers healthy living tips as well as a workout routine so they can begin their own fitness challenge. The challenge and results found in the Fast Track to Fittest eBook are based on Celsius clinical study #4. This study followed the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines and found that the participants who drank Celsius, before the prescribed training routine, experienced 93% greater fat loss than the participants who did not incorporate Celsius into their diet. Click here to learn more about the clinical study and download your FREE Fast Track to Fittest eBook at

Thank you to all of the attendees and athletes who visited the Celsius booth during the weekend. If you have any pictures from your experience at the event, please share them with us in the comments section below.

We hope you all had a wonderful time, and we look forward to seeing you next year at the Arnold Sports Festival 2015!


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