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At Celsius, Inc. we love hearing from our fans and it is incredibly special to us when we learn that we are helping our Men and Women in uniform.

Army Specialist Dominic Cagliero recently reached out to us to tell us about his experience with Celsius. We cannot thank you enough for your service to our country and we are honored that Celsius can help you power through AND live a healthier lifestyle! Read his testimonial below…

“Good morning Team Celsius,

My name is Specialist Dominic Cagliero and I’m an Infantryman in Delta Company 1-160th California Army National Guard. As an Infantryman, part of the job description is sometimes going weeks with only averaging 3-4 hours of sleep per night. We operate off little to no food, and we’re constantly on the go. Being in the Army, I had resulted to about 2-3 cans of Monster energy drinks a night and a can of chewing tobacco (the nicotine and caffeine helps keep me up).

I’m also an avid ‘gym-rat’ that relies heavily on pre-workout supplements just to get a decent ‘pump’. It was not until recently where I discovered this drink at a local 24 Hour Fitness. I was skeptical at first after reading the label – it almost seemed too good to be true. I decided to give it a try and ended up purchasing the Cola flavored drink prior to my workout.

All I have to say is I felt great. It was sustained and steady energy that got me through my workout. The crash was nonexistent, which was such a big deal for me. The taste was phenomenal, it literally tasted comparable to a diet cola. The fact that it’s aspartame-free? Outstanding! Needless to say, I bought about a dozen cans of these and brought them to the field while training and would sip on a can throughout the day; it eventually got warm, but unfortunately, I do not have the luxury to a refrigerator.  And as suspected, this did the trick.  My energy is sustained, I’m a lot more focused and alert, etc. I benefited from this product so greatly that I no longer use chewing tobacco.

Team Celsius, thank you very much for creating this product. Because of your product, not only did I quit the habit with dangerous energy drinks, but I also kicked the can with chewing tobacco. I will continue to purchase your products for as long as they are on the shelves. Thank you again!

All the best,

-SPC. Cagliero

D.Co 1-160th INF REG”

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