Angeles Shares Celsius and Fitness Tips on San Diego Living

On January 7th 2013, I had the opportunity to appear on the popular morning show, San Diego Living, to share the benefits of Celsius and demonstrate some of my favorite multi-tasking fitness moves. Being an East coast girl, I had never been to California, so I used the trip as an opportunity to do a little sightseeing in Fashion Valley and Old Town before filming.

The morning of the segment, I was greeted by the San Diego 6- CW security guard who led me into the green room. There, I joined other guests who were appearing on the show that day. The lineup included child star Layla Crawford who is currently on the TV show, “First Family” along with “Dr. Mama,” who was giving familial relationship advice, and a chef who cooked a diabetes-friendly healthy meal right in the studio.

Since I was filming the fitness segment, we filmed outside, and of course it was freezing! So, when you see the video, even though I am in a tank top, know that it was teeth chatteringly cold that morning. During the segment, I walked the host, Kristen Mosteller, through 3 no excuses at home fitness exercises that you can perform in the comfort of your living room, right on the couch. I also educated the audience about the benefits of Celsius as well as where to purchase it locally. The cast and crew of San Diego living were so accommodating and helpful. I look forward to being able to work with them again in the future. Click the link below to watch the video for some great at-home workout moves.

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