I was first introduced to Celsius when someone brought it into my work. I mainly stick to the tried-and-true method of health and fitness and don’t buy into the hype of expensive supplements and “instant results” the media portrays.  With that being said, I am still open minded and willing to trying new things when they are backed by science, and that’s what led me to Celsius.

 At the time I was drinking energy drinks but I did not like the extra calories that came with each drink. I noticed Celsius was only 10 calories for the whole can!  They also had unique flavors which made me want to try everyone of them. My favorite flavors are Sparkling Cola and Raspberry Acai.  I honestly prefer the canned Celsius, but the on-the-go sticks are a convenient and great way to add some flavor to your water. Celsius has a wide range of flavors and is a lot smoother than most drinks I have tried. In my experience it seems like it gives me stable energy instead of a peak and valley type response that a common energy drink may provide.

When I was introduced to Celsius, I was just beginning to start my contest preparation for a bodybuilding competition.  Since I was trying to keep my training intense, I began drinking a Celsius before each workout and it gave me enough energy to push through and get the work done! While dieting for my bodybuilding shows, my energy is often low. Even on the days I didn’t work out, Celsius kept me in a good mood and actually makes me feel good! In order to be competitive on stage, my goal was to drastically decrease my body fat percentage while maintaining as much strength and muscle mass as possible.              

Bottom line, I am glad I gave Celsius a try and was happy to include it in my contest preparation.  Caffeine pills and other energy shots don’t cut it for me. I actually enjoy having a drink and Celsius is a refreshing and nice change of pace from plain water without the extra calories.  The multiple flavors keep it exciting so I never get bored and will continue to drink it during my lean gaining phase. – Mike P. 

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