Four years ago Amanda Roy was 85 lbs. overweight. Always tired, with a busy life, kids and no time to speak of, bad choices were easy to make to keep things moving at a steady pace. It didn’t help that she had a thyroid condition and a bad shoulder that was always pulsating with pain either.

One day Amanda woke up and said to herself “that’s it”. She was done with feeling lousy every day of her life. She began a steady journey of transformation. At first, she decided to drop 15 lbs. When that happened she decided she wanted to lose more. A few months into her journey, a friend introduced her to Celsius. To her amazement, Celsius was just what she needed to get the energy and the fat/calorie burning boost required to get the full 85 lbs. GONE – and keep it gone.

Like many people, she struggled throughout her journey — through the pain, fatigue and the seemingly nonexistent amount of time available in her life. “When I first started it was a challenge to work out. I didn’t really want to because I was tired. I would think to myself ‘I would rather just sit here’. But then I would work out anyway, and I would always feel better afterward. The first three weeks were really tough, and then the more I did it, the better I felt. I started seeing some changes, and of course that’s motivating.”

Amanda-Email-Image-280x280How Celsius Fits Into Her Success

Amanda maintained her weight loss using Celsius. “Celsius is a big part of my transformation because it gives me the energy I need to work out without giving me the jitters like other products I’ve tried. And that’s important. I also really love the flavor.” Her favorite flavors are Wild Berry and Sparkling Cola – yum!

“I always drink a Celsius before a workout. I have had a couple of days where I didn’t have any at home (even though that is rare) and it is definitely a lot harder to get through the more intense workouts without it. I see a big difference in energy without it too. If I am working out two times a day I’ll have one in the morning, and as I’m heading to my daughter’s soccer practice, I’ll have another one before I start my run while at her practice.”

Check Out Amanda’s Steps & Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

Step 1: Create Your Own Routine

Amanda gets up at 4:30 a.m. every day. Drinks her Celsius. Starts her workout first thing in the morning. “I go on Facebook or check my email while I’m waking up and drinking Celsius. I am ready to go right around 5 a.m.”

“If I don’t wake up and get it done first thing in the morning I will find excuses to not get it done.”

 Step 2: Exercise

A gym membership is not required. Do drink a Celsius 15 minutes before your workout for maximum results though.

“I don’t go to the gym because I don’t have the time to drive there and do that. I like the Insanity DVD series, TurboFire, PiYo, ChaLEAN Extreme … I do a lot of Beachbody DVDs every day!”

Change is good. “I’ll do a couple of months where I am focusing on heavy weights, and then I’ll do a couple of months of cardio with some strength training thrown in. I do change it up a lot. I get bored easily,” she admits.

Move even on rest days. “Yoga is great for rest days. I have a yoga instructor come over and my husband and I do yoga on Wednesdays. It’s not my favorite thing in the world because there is not a lot of movement, but I think it is very important to increase your flexibility. And, some days those yoga classes are more intense and I’ll be drenched in sweat after doing that too. Some of the yoga sessions can be pretty intense!”

Ramp it up when you have less time. “HIIT training is the biggest bang for your buck. It really is. You’re going to get your heart rate up — 20 minutes and you’re dying! Even the 10-minute or 15-minute training sessions. Boom – get in, get out. I do a 15-minute session if I am running short on time one day, or if I just want to get my blood pumping.”

Change your life. Roy has made exercise part of her daily lifestyle. “I like the energy I get from a good workout every day. I don’t like not getting in at least a five-day workout routine each week.”

Time Tip: What happens if you have a busy lifestyle and it is hard to organize or make room for exercise? “Schedule it like a doctor’s appointment and it’ll happen. If you can’t do that, work in a little dance here and there. I teach first grade. So when I’m being silly with the kids I am up there just dancing — so, if you have five minutes, find something to do in the five minutes. Do leg raises. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need to go to the gym. Body weight exercises are great (e.g. push-ups). If I’m waiting for something in the toaster oven I’ll do push-ups off the counter. Just kinda squeeze it in when you’re waiting for stuff too.”

Beginner Tip: “If you are going from not working out at all, to working out six or seven days a week, that is not realistic. Start slow. Start with a decent walk three days a week. Then add to that. It’s a lot easier to handle small changes rather than huge changes all at once.”

Holidays with the Relatives Tip: “When family is visiting during the holidays I let my family know my schedule. I tell them when I am working out, and I tell them if they want to join me that’d be awesome, if not, here’s the TV or iPad while I am working out. And they know … they’ve been with me through my journey so they’re not going to tell me I can’t take the half hour that I need to work out.”

amanda_article_smallStep 3: Eat Healthier

Portion control. As far as diet, portion control plays a big part in it. Don’t reach for that big plate. “During the holidays (or any day) use a smaller plate, it looks fuller. Your portion control will be a lot easier.”

Plan your meals. “Preparing a meal plan is huge. What are we going to eat this day, that day … because everyone’s very busy and we don’t get home until late.”

Don’t deprive yourself. “I don’t deprive myself, but I also don’t sit where the bag of chips or plate of cookies are open and right in front of me. I try to keep them as far away from me as I can. If I want one, I’ll take one and put it on my plate and then move away from them.”

Food for the busy. “I am insanely busy. I generally leave my house at 7 a.m. and usually won’t see it until at least 7 p.m., sometimes later. It’s definitely crazy, so it’s all about portability. I like wraps because they tend to travel pretty well. I carry a lot of snacks with me; like bars and stuff, so I don’t get past the point where I’m starving and angry. [laughs] That’s not good for anyone. I always make sure my lunchbox is packed with healthy snacks.”

Food late at night. “Try to focus more on the veggies rather than the carbs when you are eating late at night (after 7 p.m.).

Step 4: Stay Motivated

Your transformation won’t happen overnight. “Start implementing slowly. Make better choices each day. Try something new each week and add that to your routine. If you make too many sudden changes all at once — which is probably why most new year’s resolutions don’t work — it may be too overwhelming to maintain. It’s all about making better choices each day.”

Have realistic expectations. “Everybody plateaus, and that’s completely normal. You just have to get past that. Look at what was working and then determine what isn’t working and what change you need to make to compensate. Your body may have gotten used to the type of workout or diet you’re on. Ask yourself: Do I need to work a little harder at my diet? Do I need to work a little harder with my workouts? Or … Do I need to just change things up? For example, if you are just walking, maybe you need to speed things up or add another 10-15 minutes of walking each time.

Also know, even if you are not seeing the changes on the outside, there are things happening on the inside. You’re doing what’s good for your body, so even if you are not seeing changes that week — or for two or three weeks even — it will happen again. Regardless, you are doing something good for your heart and body.

It took a month and a half before I started feeling better. I was more energetic and not in as much pain. I had arthritis in my shoulder so I had to push through the pain (another excuse I used to use) … I worked through the pain and the pain actually went away. I haven’t felt pain in my shoulder for years! If you have bad knees, shoulders, hips, etc. just modify the moves on the DVD you may be using, etc. and push through it! The body will heal itself.”

Know the end reward will come. “Having been through this whole process and coming out the other side, I cannot tell you how much better I feel now. And that right there keeps me motivated to continue working out. It’s been four years now, and I have been maintaining my weight loss. I keep going knowing how amazing I feel now. I know it’s worth it. If I can do it — anybody can do it.

The most rewarding thing that has come out of this for me has been my kids and their attitude towards physical fitness. They know how important a healthy life is. I have two girls, 11 and 9 and they are both competitive swimmers. They know that being active is very important.”

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