calorie_torching_workout_420x290If you love running but are stuck in a training rut, switch up your routine with this advanced high intensity sprint workout. If you typically run at a moderate pace and are specifically doing steady state endurance training, this sprint workout is the perfect amount of high intensity to offer you a new challenge. The high intensity of this advanced sprint workout will help you slash your workout time in half and is the perfect routine when you are running short on time. If this is your first time trying sprint intervals, be sure to go at your own pace and listen to your body. The workout listed below is advanced. Keep the incline the same for all levels of experience. Simply adjust the speed as needed when beginning.

Since this workout is done on the incline of a treadmill, you may notice that different muscles in your legs are sore. This is probably due to the fact that many of your cardio sessions on the treadmill were probably performed at little to no incline. If you normally run long distances, you primarily use slow twitch fibers in your muscles which help you out with endurance training. Sprint work is explosive and fast which recruits fast twitch fibers. Think about the legs of a marathon runner vs a sprinter. The sprinter is usually more muscular and has more shape to their legs. This is due to the type of training each athlete performs.  This advanced high intensity workout will challenge your cardiovascular system as well as help sculpt your legs while shedding some fat.

As you may already know, training and drinking a Celsius are great ways to burn body fat and boost your metabolism, but you can slow down this process if you have poor nutrition. Check out the article- Nutrition Tips to Burn Fat– for some ideas on how you can nourish and fuel your body for training and overall health!

Leave a comment below about your favorite type of cardio machine to use at the gym and I will try to create a customized high intensity interval workout for you and that piece of equipment!



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