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"I am an active college student, always in search of an on-the-go meal or
snack that I can easily take with me when I study, work or work out. I
absolutely love your Celsius Green Tea Raspberry Acai drink. It tastes so
good, and I love that it allows me to have the energy and endurance I need
to keep up with my busy schedule. I usually drink one before hitting the
treadmill for a long workou

I feel that Celsius gives me energy for my workouts. Mentally, I associate the drink with a productive workout. So, if I have a Celsius, I feel compelled to have a great workout! The drink has really encouraged me to step up my game with my workouts, and I feel refreshed going into the workout after drinking a Celsius! Thanks for making such a great product!"

The first time I tried Celsius was at the Aflac Iron Girl 5K race in 2008. There was a booth there, and I had a sample of it. I thought it was really great, but didn't buy the drink on a regular basis. Earlier this year, my favorite local radio station (93.3FLZ) would play advertisements with some of the radio dj's endorsing the drink. I decided to give it a try again after hearing so many good things about the drink and I was hooked!"

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