In December of 2013, Abdool decided it was time to make a drastic change. Having tried to get in shape in the past, he never found the weight loss success he had been looking for, but this time was different. “I was overweight and angry with how I looked.” When visiting his doctor, Abdool’s physician recommended that he try drinking Celsius for a bit of energy. Little did Abdool know that this drink was going to transform his lifestyle and help him reach his goals. With more than 70 pounds to lose, Abdool had his work cut out for him. “This time, it was different, I was ready to make the changes mentally, physically and emotionally.”

While many think expensive gym memberships and nutritionists are the key to seeing weight loss results, Abdool seems to differ, and his amazing results are proof that hard work pays off. In only one year, Abdool lost 75 pounds by making a few adjustments to his regular routine. Because of these changes, not only does Abdool feel better, but he feels more confident. “When I was overweight, I hated being in pictures. People would say I look so mad – and I was. I was angry with myself and how I looked. Now, having achieved weight loss success, I will take pictures and pose with a smile on my face all day!” Abdool’s weight loss has also helped his relationship with his children. “My children motivate me. Before, I could not play with them before getting tired in a few minutes. Now I am the dad who can play with them and even out run them sometimes. I am happy that I am able to do that with them.” Abdool shares some of his strategies and secrets to weight loss success with us below.

abdool_photoshootSecrets to Success

Celsius. Abdool’s doctor recommended Celsius to him as a great tasting drink to help with his weight loss efforts. “Once I tried Celsius, I was hooked. It has a great taste and it does what it says it will do. I have a Celsius each morning as soon as I wake up and right before I go do my workout. Celsius helped me accelerate my weight loss bar none. In 2013 it was my last resort to lose weight and go back to the way I used to look. I was never a big kid growing up, but in 1991 everything went crazy and I started gaining all the weight.  My real life change came when I saw the weight start disappearing. Celsius is the number one drink for me and I think everyone should give it a try because without it you don’t know where you’re gonna be. It is the one drink to this day that motivates the heck out of me to get up and go exercise.”

Meal Timing. Due to his work schedule, Abdool had become a late-night eater. He knew that these eating habits were not helping him reach his goals. In fact, he was already noticing other health issues such as difficulty sleeping. “I would work until midnight and then eat a heavy meal before going to sleep. So I started to change my eating routine by eating the foods that I wanted to eat earlier in the day so that my body could use it as fuel and energy. Once I started drinking Celsius I could feel a difference in energy immediately!”

No “Diet”. Abdool does not like the word “diet” because he feels that it is to restrictive; like you are starving your body. He actually refers to the term diet as a “failure word”. Rather than following a traditional weight loss diet, Abdool found success by changing the timing of his meals and accelerating his fat loss with Celsius. “I still enjoy my favorite foods, just earlier in the day.” This goes to show that fancy diets and nutritionists are not always necessary. A bit of discipline and portion control can also get you on the right track.

Outdoor Activity. In Abdool’s words, “The gym is NOT for me.” While many believe that a gym membership and personal trainer are necessary to shed the pounds, Abdool seems to differ.”I tried going to the gym with some friends several times, but I could not get into it. Instead I started walking in the park and then I would try to run from tree to tree.” That was just the beginning of some of Abdool’s accomplishments. “Now I can run and walk 11 miles and I enjoy riding my bike. I feel most comfortable running outside on the streets of the city I live in. Cardio is my favorite form of exercise.” This goes to show that the most important thing is to be active. It does not matter if it is in a gym, with a trainer, in your living room or the park – just get up and move! Many make the excuse of not having money or time to workout, but with Abdool’s method none of those excuses will work.

Cleaning Up His Act. While nutrition, exercise and Celsius have helped Abdool make significant changes to his health, he took it one step further. At this point, Abdool has lost 75 pounds and improved his overall health by eliminating smoking and drinking from his lifestyle. “I was filled with excuses, with a cigarrete in one hand a drink in the other.” Once Abdool dropped his excuses and found Celsius, he saw weight loss success. “I used to smoke. I quit. I used to drink alcohol. I don’t drink any alcohol whatsoever anymore. Now my drink of choice is Celsius. I can’t go a day without it. Even though I have reached my goal, this lifestyle should not stop because I feel happy, I will continue and maintain. Since I am self motivated, I do not want to quit. If I can do it anyone can.”

Abdool’s story proves, no matter what diet or training routine you are on, Celsius can help accelerate your weight loss results. Anyone can reach their goals!

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