To those who continue to motivate others by setting a great example and through their hard work and dedication share how to make this world a healthier place

Celsius consumers enthusiastically spread the word of how Celsius has helped them get fit and stay fit.  The results they share are: reduced body fat, weight loss, and changes in their body composition to have more muscle and less fat. See their stories here on TV news, Facebook, magazine covers, newspapers, radio interviews, blog sites, and on videos.

We were amazed at the real stories from everyday people and how Celsius became part of their healthy lifestyle as their Ultimate Fitness Partner.

Thanks for sharing your story and motivating others to live well.

  • I Got Fit by starting an exercise routine, working with trainers, changing my diet, and enjoying Celsius! – Ashton –
  • I got the news I was diabetic. This was the wakeup call I needed. I started exercising regularly,
     changed my diet, and, I found Celsius. – Bill
  • Boot Camp Participant Trims Down in Fitness Challenge – Chad –
  • Diet, Exercise, and Celsius helped me achieve my goal! – Chuck –
  • Father of 3 Reaches His “Personal Best.” Celsius is my Ultimate Fitness Partner! – Eric –
  • Celsius Helped Fuel My New Lifestyle. – Jock –
  • Kat tells Fox News how she changed her life! – Kat –
  • Soldier Gets In Shape. I'm Spreading the Word About Celsius! – Ken –
  • Lisa's story has been seen on TV News around the country on CBS and Fox. – Lisa –
  • From Fat to Fit! I wanted to go on a long hike with my son, but, I was not in shape. – Mark –
  • I will never let go of my Celsius, it is my Ultimate Workout Partner! – Misty –
  • It’s Just Dance on my Wii and Celsius for Me! –
  • Got in great shape with regular exercise, changes to diet and Celsius. – Robert –
  • I wanted to fit in to my dream wedding dress. I didn’t have the energy to get to the gym! Celsius gives me the energy to get up and go! – Sara –
  • I am in better shape than I have ever been. Celsius is awesome and gets me to the gym! – Shannon –
  • The New Me! I have reached my weight loss goal by eating right and keeping Celsius with me when I exercise. – Tim –
  • I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have in my whole entire life – Tom –
  • I Got My Life Back! Celsius Gives Me the Energy to Workout – Walter –
  • Celsius Ignited My Exercise Routine  – William –

Check out Lisa, who was on the cover and featured in “Women’s World” magazine and Fox News Houston sharing her story and secrets on her journey to losing 180 lbs and keeping it off.

Sherriff’s Deputy Jason was on FOX News Houston sharing his exercise tips and inspiring story. Click here for Jason’s full story

These are just a few of the people who decided to make major life changes and have credited Celsius with helping them make that change. If you have a story you would like to share email us at

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