With the mercury steadily rising and summer just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about creative ways to cool down while still cutting back on calories. After all, that killer swimsuit bod is a lot of hard work, and it would be a shame for that sculpted body to just melt away.

So we've gathered up some super-satisfying treats that skip out on all the fat, cream, and calories that plague many frozen desserts . Sure, that ice cream sandwich with creamy cookie dough ice cream and a chewy chocolate chip cookie may look tempting, but we're hoping that these colorful and tasty delights will make you think twice.

There are the usual fruity popsicles and ices, but also a few surprises. Take, for instance, a lighter version of banana crème pie that swaps out the heavy cream for a cashew-based sauce, developed by chef LindaJoy Rose, a healthy living and raw foods lifestyle expert.

Or, if you're in the mood for something besides pie, Sam Talbot, chef and author of The Sweet Life , has developed a version of frozen yogurt that replaces processed sugar with granulated stevia extract, a diabetic-friendly natural plant extract. He has lived with type-1 diabetes since his youth and has learned to adapt his cooking accordingly.

For the rest of the recipes, click here to see the 7 Healthy Frozen Desserts Slideshow .


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