Tips to Maintain weight loss during the holidays

If you allowed yourself to over indulge last Thanksgiving… and through the remainder of the holiday season, you may have been left with a few extra pounds you weren’t looking for as a little reminder.  It may have taken weeks or even months to overcome the resulting bulge and remove all the fluff while getting your fitness back on track.

Just because it is the holiday season, your fitness progress should not be thrown out the window. Health and overall wellness is a lifestyle that should last all year long. If anything, your health is very important in this season because of your busier schedule, added holiday related stress, weather changes and tasty food-centered celebrations.

So, with another holiday season already in the works, do not go overboard and let yourself make the same mistake you did last year. Instead of waiting for a new year to make healthy choices, why not start today! Don’t start another new year with the resolution to lose your holiday weight gain, because that is something YOU can control… with a little will power, determination and a game plan.

Try these six tips to stay on track!6tipstomaintainweightlossduringtheholidays_inside

1. Get a workout in first thing in the morning. As the day goes on, the holiday festivities and cooking begins, leaving you with little to no time to stick to your regular routine. Make sure you do that before you pop the food in the oven, you’ll have already raised your heart rate for the day so you don’t have to worry about it later.

2. Cook a lighter dish. If you are cooking or preparing a dish for a get together, this is the perfect time to make some healthy substitutions. You can try cutting back on sugar, butter and oils; also focus on adding in extra fruits and vegetable to recipes when appropriate.

3. Drink a Celsius a Day. Celsius provides great tasting healthy energy that will power you through the holidays. It has also been proven to burn calories and reduce body fat! At the holiday table, switch out your sodas or sugar filled drinks for a refreshing Celsius. It is a great way to save on a few calories without sacrificing taste.

4. Take a taste. Rather than getting heaping mounds of each selection, on your first plate, get a small sample of each item you would like to try. Then when you go up for seconds you can choose the items that you really enjoyed.

5. Go for a walk. After all that delicious food, you may be exhausted from the day’s activities. Rather than sit down, put on some sneakers and go for a 20-minute walk. This will help aid in digestion so that you do not feel like you have a food baby sitting in your stomach until the next morning.

6. Go back to your normal routine. This can be the hardest part. With leftovers of side dishes and desserts, it can be tempting to nibble over the next week. Rather than keeping too much extra, send some leftovers home with your guests. The best way to stay on top of your fitness goals during the holidays is to not deviate too much from your typical routine. There is always a place and time to enjoy and not worry about calories and simply relax. As long as you know how to enjoy and then move on, you will keep on making progress during the holidays rather than falling back to old habits.

With these tips to maintain weight loss during the holidays, you will be well on your way to Showing off your weight loss success and enjoying your holiday rather than feeling guilty from a little overindulgence. If you have any fitness tips you incorporate into your holiday season to stay on track, we would love to hear from you! Please leave us a note in the comments section below. Happy Holidays!

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