6 easy tip for living a positive lifeEvery now and then it is good to take a step back and analyze all of the things that are going on in your life. From there, take an honest assessment of what fills your daily activities. Are certain things an unnecessary burden to you? Are there things that you know easily sabotage your efforts? Take a good look around and get rid of all of the JUNK! This can be physically in the sense of junk food or random clutter around your house, car or workspace. It can also be applied to people or thoughts that mentally junk up your quality of life. Use some of the tips below to remove the junk and start living a more positive life!

Tips to Unjunking your Life- Physically

1.      Clean out your pantry– Get rid of all the snacks and treats you have accumulated over time that always seem to get devoured during times of stress or anxiety. If you have less tempting items to eat in your house, you will be less likely to sabotage your efforts

2.      Organize your drawers– We all have those random drawers in the house that seem to accumulate all sorts of random items. Clean out the drawers and throw out or donate any unwanted or unneeded items. Clean space is always refreshing.

3.      Rearrange– Sometimes you need a change of scenery to break up a room or work space. Try moving a picture or piece of furniture to give you a new and renewed environment to live.

All of these tips can be applied to your place of work too!

Tips to Unjunking your Life- Mentally

1.      End negative self talk– Far too often we can be our own worst critic. Learn to focus on all of the gifts that you have rather than wishing for a slimmer waist or pointier nose. Those are superficial things that carry no weight on your self worth. Any time you begin to dwell on thoughts or things that you “wish” you had, reverse the thought and point out all of the great things that YOU have to offer to others. You can also focus on the external qualities that you love about yourself like how healthy your hair is or how your teeth are naturally straight.

2.      Detaching from others– You know who I am talking about… the one person who just seems to have a black cloud following them and drama lurks around every corner. Avoid that type of negativity at all costs! We all will have our moments from time to time when we have personal struggles, but the people who always cry for attention seem to do nothing but suck the life and fun out of others around them. Find people who add quality and positivity to your life. There are billions of people in the world; you do not need to be best friends with all of them. Pick the people you surround yourself with wisely.

3.      Move on from the past– We all have moments that we may not have been proud of or did not go according to plan. Rather than live in fear of experiencing similar scenarios, find out what it was that did not go as expected and learn from the past. Stop dwelling on and move on. Simply acknowledge any mistakes and find one positive outcome from the situation. Find the silver lining in all things in life.

All you have to do is try these tips to live a more positive life once a month! Reflecting is not something that the American society does too much of these days, but it can be very beneficial. You may even learn something about yourself in the process.

Please share the tips that help you live in a happier and more positive state of mind in the comments section below. We all have our own strategies that help us get by. Remember that just because one thing does not always go according to plan, that is no reason to be a poor sport and let it infiltrate your entire life.


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