Fitness Expert Angeles Burke with 5 Tips for a Better WorkoutIf you feel like you have been training hard yet are seeing little to no results. Try the five tips listed below that will help you get a better and more effective workout!

1. Train Solo

While it is nice to have a training partner, there are some days that they just slow you down. Pick a few days a week to workout solo. This will allow you to keep your training intensity high and restless between sets. You will also be less distracted.

2. Train With Your Phone on “Air Plane Mode”

Even if you put your phone on silent, when you go to change to the next song, you will see notifications from calls, texts, and social media. That is a great way to get distracted and lose focus on your valuable gym time. Rather than ditching your music all together, turn your phone on airplane mode to stop all notifications. Don’t worry; the notifications will be there when you take your phone off of airplane mode. If that seems too inconvenient, buy a small MP3 player and leave your phone locked in the locker or at home.

3. Change the Scenery

Sometimes seeing the same things and people make us a little too comfortable. Change the scenery and go train at a new gym, pick a new time to train or train outdoors. This will break up the standard routine and refresh your typical session.

4. Plan Ahead

Before you walk into the gym, you should already have a plan of action. This will allow for you to literally map out your gym session rather than guessing or wandering to the next open machine. Write down all of the exercises, sets and repetitions you plan to perform on a piece of paper so you can visualize the actual workout. This will help you feel accomplished when you have completed each move.

5. Stop Making Excuses for Yourself

Leave when you are DONE- not when you are lazy or bored. Saying you won’t leave until you burn 5000 calories or run 50 miles, is unrealistic and also self torture. Walk into the gym with an attainable game plan. If your goal is to burn 400 calories, stay until those calories are burned. Take breaks or switch machines to break up the standard routine. If someone is on the equipment that you wanted to use, then modify your workout. There is no need to get upset and leave because you have to wait a little longer. Find another machine that works the same body part or do different type of cardio until your specific  machine is available. Learning to have this self discipline in your workouts will also translate into other parts of your life. No cutting corners-just get the job done!

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