5 Tips to stay fit during the holidays

The cooler weather is here, and you are probably looking forward to showing off all the hard work you did during the warm summer months. But, as each gathering and holiday feast passes, make sure you are making healthy choices so that you can create or maintain that summer beach body all winter long.

holidaynutritionLet’s face it, getting and staying fit is not the easiest task, especially during this time of year. With a bit of determination, you can stay on track and stay fit during and after the holidays. Check out my 5 tips to stay fit during the holidays below, and add them into your routine for a healthier holiday season.

5 Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays

  1. Enjoy the Quality Time. Our holidays are centered around food, and it can get a bit tricky when trying to watch your waist line. Rather than focusing so much on these huge feasts, enjoy the company you keep. Slow down instead of scarfing down your plate in order to get second servings. Take the time to savor the festive food and strike up conversation with relatives you have not seen in a while and participate in the holiday activities instead of lingering around the food bar.
  1. Eat in Moderation. When people are trying to get in shape, they tend to restrict certain food items completely. This can turn you into a maniac, and in turn, cause you to end up eating everything in sight when let loose. In order to prevent this, try not to restrict or put specific foods off limits. Instead, set a portion limit for yourself and enjoy!  Each time you want to go overboard on the triple chocolate cake, stop and think about your end goal. Will two slices of cake get you there? Eh, probably not. But it will give you a sugar rush, excess calories and a side of short-lived instant gratification. So, shoot for half of a serving of your favorite items, just to get a taste. Once you try it, you will probably be satisfied and move past the cravings and begin to overlook the temptation.
  1. Drink Up. Before the dinner bell rings, fill up on a Celsius or a glass of water. This will help fill your stomach and make you feel satisfied faster (meaning you are less likely to over eat). If you must have your soda at meal time, choose Celsius. With Celsius you can still enjoy carbonation without the excess calories and sugar in your regular soda. For those who like iced or sweet tea, burn some calories with one of the Celsius Green Tea options. The Celsius will leave you feeling satisfied and energized rather than tired from all the food.
  1. Be the Early Bird. The holidays are known to throw schedules into a tail spin, so plan ahead! I recommend getting in all of your training first thing in the morning. This will get your exercise routine out of the way so you can enjoy family time and gatherings without feeling guilty for missing your regular routine. Even if you can only squeeze in 20-30 minutes, that is better than nothing. If you are too pressed for time, you can try this Lower Body at Home Workout so you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home. At-home workouts during the holidays give you extra time so you can start on some holiday cooking (or other things) if needed – saving you those precious moments traveling to and from the gym to then apply to more productive holiday tasks!
  1. Bring a Dish. If you are attending a get together that requests you to provide a dish, create a healthy option that you would like to eat. Many potluck style holiday gatherings are filled with heavy and rich food options. You can create a healthy option of one of your favorite dishes that will keep you on track and satisfied. You may even be surprised how fast your healthy dish will get eaten up by the others who are on the same mission as you — to stay fit through the holidays.

These are just a few tips to help you stay on track during the remainder of the holiday season. If you fall off track, no worries! Just have a plan of attack for the next big event rather than making the same mistake over and over. With consistency comes change. What are some tips you use to stay fit for the holidays? I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below!

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